Thursday, 29 March 2018

Best 7 web development companies you should hire

There’s no doubt about the fact that web development is the most demanded and lucrative career these days. Nowadays, it’s all about the digital presence on the web world so that the people around the world can easily find you and your brand. After all, it’s all about identity and branding on the internet.

 So, to fulfil the digital needs of an organisation or a brand, it’s necessary to hire a professional web development company at the very onset of when you look for creating a website for your brand/ organisation/ company.

We have made an exclusive list of the best 7 web development companies which are compiled on the basis of these factors:

● Reviews, ratings and client feedbacks.

● Types of services rendered by the companies.

● Portfolio of the web development company.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best Web Development Companies now:

Top Wordpress Development Companies

1. OSSMedia:

If we talk about the niches of OSSMedia web development company, we can say that they are professionals in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla! And Magento as well. End-to-end top-notch WordPress solutions- as they say themself and what their portfolio speaks out loud is that they want to skyrocket the business of their clients by providing solutions which are scalable as well as best in the industry.

An experienced and client-focussed team of developers have successfully rendered 10,000 projects in past 5+ years which is a rare feet.

For Top 10 WordPress web development companies, read here, we have grabbed the 1st rank since 2015.

2. Designs2HTML:

They have been in the market for around 6 years and we can say by having an overview on their website that it is a giant web development company in the market. They have been serving diversified clients from across the world.

● Dedication is beyond comparison

● 3500+ clients

● Deadline adherence

● Tailor-made websites for each client

● Unparalleled quality

● 24*7 assistance

● Great portfolio!

3. Markupcloud:

Definitely deserving a place in this list, we see that this US-based web development company provides best services to their clients in the niches like WordPress, PSD to Drupal and more! We love the portfolio that they have put up on the site. Workflow and organisation skills are all you can expect from them. What actually makes us praise about them are the reviews put up by their clients.

4. Eight25media

A one-of-it’s-kind web development company which has won awards for their great delivery of websites to their clients, They are actually from Japan but now based in Silicon Valley. They give 180-days free support to their clients along with a dedicated manager to handle the big and the small of a project. Voted as the number 1 agency in San Francisco, it seems to be a really trustworthy company.

5. Macrosoft

 Ranked #5 on the list, this company is focused on providing cost-effective yet productive web development services to their global clients all the way from small startups to giant companies. AS we see a great list of clients of them on the website- named American Electric Power, Entrust, Green Mountain Energy and others.

 6. Baymediasoft

 If we talk about the USP of Baymediasoft, it is the client satisfaction that has won the hearts of their customers in USA and abroad. This California-based company has 500 clients from across the world. It is a good web development company specialising in customized services.

7. Webdevstudios

A service provider- the team at Webdev Studios provide unique customization services to their clients in a very timely manner. For quality-driven and user-friendly experiences for the business and the company for which the website is being built.

Winding Up:

 So, here was the exclusive list of the top 7 best web development companies. Take a wise decision so that you don’t squander your hard-earned money at all!

Thursday, 8 February 2018

What’s in store for WordPress developers with “Gutenberg”?

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS which comes with some extraordinary features! With the popularity, always comes the rumours and the contradictions when something new is introduced and it faces mixed reactions from the cult fan following. 

What the Twitter #WPdrama is all about?

Similar things are happening around WordPress which introduced a cutting-edge editor- “Gutenberg” coined after a renowned German printer and publisher/ goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg. This welcomed mixed feelings from the WordPress developers all around the world. 

The conflict is all about the ‘love and hate relationship’ with WordPress and new introductions in the latest versions of WordPress but Gutenberg is quite a revolutionary editor. 

Pros and Cons of all New Gutenberg WordPress Editor:

As everyone who has stuck with WordPress for quite a few years must be knowing that the WordPress content editor has remained more or less the same for years! Minute changes here and there and it has remained almost the same. Maybe, that is the reason that not everyone was able to digest the major changes that were introduced by WordPress a short ago! More advanced layouts and those pretty little blocks, we will talk about it all…

The truths and the myths. What’s hot, what’s not?

Let’s peep into the pros and cons of the whole new WordPress editor “Gutenberg” (a very thoughtfully crafted name!) below:

● Pros of WordPress “Gutenberg”:

1. Medium Style Editing Experience:

Are you one of those few WordPress developers who like the medium style editing experience in WordPress, then this editor is for you! You asked, and WordPress listened.

2.Less Dependence on TinyMCE:

It has been TinyMCE which was fundamental in editing the content by the content publishers. Seems like it will get little sidelined as of now. 

3.More Void Screen Space:

We all need space. Indeed. That has what WordPress seems to have listened. With all new Gutenberg, there is a lot of space on the screen letting you breathe and break that Writer’s block in case you need it. 

4.New Alignment Options for Blocks:

There are advanced layout options as well as hassle-free alignment options for those little useful blocks. Larger resolution screens and responsive sites are now easier to manage with advanced alignment options. 

5.Fully Responsive Editor:

Thank God that Gutenberg is a fully responsive editor for WordPress website development. Works great on a smartphone to let you edit and publish on the go! A lot of us will be seen using it a lot!

6.Custom Block Development:

WordPress theme development as well as WordPress plugin development is easier with Custom block development in the Gutenberg editor. The team at WordPress knows that everyone loves their custom requirements fulfilled.    


Perhaps, one of the best things about this editor is that it is beginner-friendly. As we always say- Keep learning until you are with WordPress. It will go a long way down the pipeline.

Cons of WordPress “Gutenberg”:

1.Solid Support Unavailable:

Unfortunately, what pisses us off here is that there is no instant support available for this editor as of now as not many are into this editor (As it’s optional currently!). Let’s hope for the best in near future. 

2.May not seem beginner-friendly at times:

As all say, something that seems easy for someone, may not be a cakewalk for the other. Same holds true here. Some beginners can find it hard to learn working on this editor. 

3.Responsive Columns not supported:

Ah! That’s a pain. The new Gutenberg doesn’t support responsive columns yet. The users of WordPress have to install visual builder plugins and shortcode plugins as an alternate for the same.

4.Accessibility of Gutenberg is a concern:

The developer of the very famous plugin Yoast SEO came up with his concern upon the accessibility of Gutenberg. How to use this editor with a screen reader and on different devices...The issues are indeed big as far as the WordPress customization experience is concerned.

5.It wouldn’t be Optional Soon:

What can actually affect the people’s lives who have been stuck with WordPress from the start is that this may not be optional anymore as it is right now. Maybe and probably you might not have the option to turn it off. Maybe, it can become a hassle for you. Who knows?

To Conclude, life became hard for some people when Gutenberg got introduced. Even to this extreme that users have started to question their own life choices because they aren’t simply ready to hold on to the new editor. No doubt, this #WPdrama will continue to add more chapters to the struggle. 

Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to Convert HTML to WordPress using Top Tools?

Now due to their immense benefits and use, there is a huge demand for professionally designed and attractive websites and the interest for HTML websites has gone away suddenly. The businesses who are running websites for their business always want to earn maximum profit with minimum investment. Hence they want fully functional and awesome websites so that the visitors can find the desired information easily on their site and the businesses can offer their product and services easily for the visitors or the customers to buy from their site. If you are already running a HTML website then creating a new website may not be a good option as it will cost lots of money and needs resources and staff to complete the website development and maintenance. So what you can do is bring your existing website on the WordPress platform. 

For this you must go for HTML to WordPress conversion service without any delay. HTML to WordPress theme conversion is a process by which you can convert your HTML website into WordPress site. By doing this you can transform your website, give it a new look, add new features and functionalities as per your requirements and also you can run it smoothly with less investment and efforts.

Due to the huge demand for WordPress sites, most of the web developers work under pressure of creating high quality WordPress website continuously. Therefore the chances of errors get increased if you work under pressure and stress from the project manager as well as from the clients. If you want to improve your work efficiency while converting HTML websites into WordPress then better you can use tools which can make this process easier for you. Now we will discuss about such tools for converting HTML sites into WordPress themes.

CMS2CMS: An Automated HTML to WordPress Content Migration Tool

Now every one on internet especially someone from digital marketing background knows the huge importance of quality and original content on the website as your success in the web based business depends on the quality content you continuously publish on your website which attract the audience and customers to your site. If your website has many contents then its migration to a new platform is not easy but this plugin CMS2CMS can help you in this regard. You can use this plugin to take all of your content of HTML website to WordPress website easily and smoothly. It also helps you to maintain the SEO ranking of your website on major search engines even after you have completed the migration process. This plugin also helps in migration of metadescriptions, metadata, keywords and a redirect from the existing HTML website to a new WordPress site.

Theme Matcher - Best and Free Converter tool/website

Theme Matcher is a gift for all of those people or businesses which want to convert their HTML websites to WordPress platform without editing any code or taking anyone’s help to complete this process. In their website, you just need to enter your website address, choose the appropriate area and that’s it, you are done. Theme Matcher extracts the images, layout and styles from your existing HTML website and creates the basic WordPress theme. This tool cannot create website menus hence you have to do that work yourself after converting your HTML website into WordPress platform.

HTML to WordPress Converter - Most Popular Premium Tool

It is a premium WordPress plugin which you can download from Codecanyon website by paying $19. It is very easy to use and can help you to convert the HTML interface to WordPress. It can identity the compositions sidebar, menus, header and footer thus helping you to create an amazing WordPress theme without any difficulty. During the HTML to WordPress conversion process using this plugin, you need to put the tags around content in HTML files as per your requirements. Hence in order to use this plugin properly you need to have a solid command over HTML language.


Looking at so many benefits of WordPress site there is no need for you to use your traditional HTML site as it don’t generate that much traffic on your site and don’t attract so many customers easily. Hence you can use any of the above discussed tools to migrate your HTML site into WordPress theme and get lots of customers and boost your business.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Top Benefits of HTML to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is the most widely used CMS with excellent user interface/user experience and allows its users to easily create, edit, publish or manage content on the website without having much technical or programming knowledge. That’s why HTML to WordPress conversion is very popular among business owners and they can generate a good revenue from it.

HTML websites faces some issues as the styling and scripting were coded in HTML framework which tends to make the website slow. This affects the performance of the site while websites based on WordPress are fast and robust. But converting HTML to WordPress cannot be done easily unless you have technical skills for the same. One of the best way is to hire HTML to WordPress convert services from a reputed company which has developers which have expert technical knowledge to carry out HTML to WordPress conversion. In this article we will discuss about the top benefits of using HTML to WordPress conversion for your business website:-

WordPress is Dynamic CMS

WordPress is the most popular and dynamic CMS on which content management, creation and updating can also be done easily while HTML sites carries static pages with hard coding lines. Each of this page is one HTML file with same layout and design. If you want to do any changes in the page, you should be proficient in HTML coding. In case of WordPress, there is no such requirement. The admin user can do changes and updations from the HTML editor inside it easily. Due to this reason, HTML to WordPress conversion is preferred by most of the web developers.

Flexible, Scalable and Secure

WordPress is a flexible, scalable and comparatively secure platform. That’s why businesses go for HTML to WordPress conversion. WordPress is robust and dynamic and comes with high quality security plugins that provide protection to your site against hacking attempts, threats and viruses. WordPress also offers wide range of customized themes, plugins and widgets. In last some years WordPress has evolved into a complete content management system (CMS) and it very flexible as compared to other CMS.

Huge developers Community

WordPress is open source framework and has a huge community of software professionals who can even help you during your WordPress website development for free. It provides full technical support, live chat support to its users. WordPress has a most vibrant community which is available 24*7 to provide great support to its users. WordPress developers also keep on updating WordPress and release its new updates from time to time. Therefore getting involved with huge WordPress community is an exceptional experience for any new user. You can get help as well as you can learn many things from this WordPress community.

WordPress is Cost Effective CMS

There are hundreds and thousands of WordPress themes and plugins freely available hence you don’t need to spend anything for using WordPress CMS. No deep knowledge of programming languages is required when you are working on this platform. Your WordPress business website will be 100% customizable which involve function modification, plugin customization and theme customization.

SEO Benefits

When a website is launched then it is also important to do search engine optimization of the website so that it maintain a good ranking in the search results. Hence content management is also need to be done for the website. WordPress has inbuilt SEO features hence by converting HTML to WordPress, many SEO issues get resolved automatically. There are many SEO plugins which can be installed for getting more SEO features.

It is best time for the business owners to get a feature rich, responsive website from HTML to WordPress conversion which will give their site good ranking in search engines and make their company a brand on internet. If you are interested then you can hire an experienced WordPress developer who can do HTML to WordPress conversion and develop an awesome website for your business.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

WordPress Terms That Every Blogger Must Know

WordPress is a highly customizable web hosting platform that powers about 25% of the websites today. WordPress is a highly customizable platform which is the favorite of most blogging websites online. It offers a rich array of features which are also suitable to many of the businesses. The websites based on the WordPress platform can also be easily customized to meet a lot of needs of a veteran blogger.

It is a great integrated hosting option which is very easy to use and offers a wide variety and creative choice to the developers. Even if you are new to the field of blogging you will find most user friendly WordPress web development services to set up a WordPress based website. So even when you are on it and start blogging on this particular content management system , there are some WordPress terms that every efficient blogger must know.

1. Back End And The Front End
Most of the website development operations are carried on from the back end of the website. An administrator has access to the back end but the website visitor do not have any access to it. The back end of WordPress is known as the Dashboard. It gives the user access to all the possible options. Apart from a developer, the editors, writers and guest bloggers also have an access to the dashboard. The biggest advantage of the WordPress back end is that you can most of your tasks without the knowledge of coding. On the other hand, the front end is the side of the Word Press blog which is visible to the visitors. It is basically how your website looks likes and it is the place where readers access your content.

2. WordPress Themes

The WordPress Theme customization is the most important term for a blogger as it gives the option to customize blog design, layout and structure. The themes selected also effect the loading time and user experience on a blog. Most of the functioning of the blog will be applied after getting the right Word Press theme. A blogger / website owner must be in touch with their WordPress development services provider and make sure you get a suitable theme. Some of the ideal Word Press themes for a blog have been listed as follows :


The NewsMag is an excellent WordPress themes for writing and publishing blog posts. It has got a great lightweight design and offers plenty of features and custom options. You can buy it in for $50.


ColorMag is a simplified yet stylish WordPress theme used by various magazines, newspapers and publishing websites. It has a very responsive design. It is also available for free o and the pro version is available for $69.

The Writing is a great minimalist theme which is simple yet effective. It is also compatible with all browsers and very SEO friendly. It is available for $44 on themeforest.


Soledad is a very vibrant, dynamic and visually appealing theme which has become a buyer favorite since it’s launch. FOr a price tag of $59 it is readily available on

Breviter Pro

Breviter is a great WordPress theme which is very dynamic and appealing. It is largely suitable for writer, artists and creative people. The live demo of the theme is available free of cost on this on just free themes on their website.

Crazy Blog

Crazy Blog is a theme which is very powerful, interactive and also focuses on ease of use designed for bloggers. The theme has great styling and customizable options. It is available on themeforest for $59 for 6 months. 


Tulip is a great, innovative and fresh WordPress theme. It is fast, navigable as well as easily customizable. It is available for a $39 package on theme forest.


Genesis is an incredible WordPress theme for bloggers which provides great design to build websites which are aesthetic and SEO friendly. The theme is available on Studio Press for a price of $59.95.

3. WordPress Plugins

Plugins helps the user to add additional features to the blog without the use of a coding language. WordPress plugins are the most important part of website development as they make the website more functional.There are various plugins for social media sharing, SEO, security, caching, website statistics and adding additional visual features to your blog.

4. WordPress Widgets

The Widgets on word pres serve to be an individual element feature of the appearance section of your website’s back end. Widgets can help you improve the layout of your blog by adding features to your website and even help display advertisements to your website. Widgets can be placed on the sidebar, header and footer of the website.

5. Permalinks

A permalink is the address or permanent url which appears on the top of the address bar which is also a shareable link. Permalinks are allotted to various categories, posts and pages present on the website.

Permalinks can be set in a number of formats for WordPress. Some of them are (default on websites)

6. MySQL

MySQL is an open source DMS ( Data Management System ). In easier terms it is also known as WordPress database. It performs the following functions

Create a backup for the database of the website
Optimize the WordPress Database
Create and Drop Tables

7. File Transfer Protocol

The File Transfer Protocol is another very important term for WordPress users and bloggers. It helps in the exchange of information between two computers or servers. For example if a plugin is installed on one computer then it will also be installed on the other computer. It enables to have uniform implementation on more than one devices.

In order to run a successful blog based on WordPress, the users must be well aware of vital terms like plugins, widgets, themes and various other back end operations. WordPress is a very powerful platform if utilized correctly and can create great experience for various readers and visitors to a website. The fact that WordPress can be run without the use of coding ( only plugins ) makes it easier to implement for bloggers and website owners.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

An overview of conversion from PSD to WordPress theme

The world of web is going crazy with the introduction of the interactive medium such as website preferred blogging and other platform for business related purpose. After the advent of WordPress more and more people are preferring it for developing their website. This sudden shift of users from PSD to WordPress theme has triggered the growth of weblogs. It is due to WordPress only that websites can be beautifully formed and customized with the help of the help of exclusive tools and themes it provides.

There are many reason for users and company's to prefer WordPress theme over PSD. WordPress is an open source CMS and helpful in publishing, managing and editing the content on website. It also provides features such as plug-in and template system. The best feature about WordPress is that it can be customized according to the requirements of the business. The conversion to WordPress theme is a smooth process and helps to form a highly advanced and dynamic website. You can also run a subscription based site where you can manage multiple users accounts.

Shifting from PSD format to WordPress theme have a bright future in website development. WordPress uses advanced technology and is still user friendly. It is a lot easier to update and install the WordPress software. WordPress conversion enables the users to handle the back end processes. It is compatible on almost all the browsers and works fully in increasing the audience for the website.

There are many company's that hire a professional developer for such task for PSD to WordPress theme. You can hire the professional service for getting a dedicated service of a skilled and knowledgeable developer. You can go through the Wordprax reviews as it has been a decent name from quiet a while now in delivering development and conversion services to the clients.

However, there are many drawbacks to converting PSD to WordPress as the customization may lead the system to break or disappear altogether. At times, the upgrade may causes the site to simply disappear and the modifications that you make are no longer available in the site. These updates are caused to bring more bugs than fixes.

One of the biggest edge of an open source platforms is to market the implementation time for your website. Once you have formed a design including the templates and other themes, it will only take a small considerable time for the website to form. As you work with the WordPress theme you can see it has easier design module and have almost all the features of the online content management. All the members of administrator, content managers and content contributors can use it as it you doesn't need to enter any code.

If you wish to outsource your work, you can go through clients wordprax feedback and then opt for the suitable development services. It has been at forefront for developing innovative technologies.

Friday, 28 July 2017

How to use WordPress Efficiently?

In today’s digital world all of the businesses want to have an internet presence through their custom build websites. Millions of people are using websites as a medium to reach out to their customers globally. A well build website attracts decent traffic and quickly the company owning it can gain popularity. But the major question is that how to develop the website? Whether they should use HTML and CSS and write code from scratch or to use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress.

If you want to develop website using HTML and CSS then it will require special skills to create and maintain the website while CMS like WordPress is easier to use and easy to maintain without having much knowledge of coding. It implies that you don’t have to contact experts every time something goes wrong on the website or if you want to do some changes. However, you need to know many things about WordPress in order to use it efficiently. In order to create website many people convert HTML to WordPress which results in high quality efficient websites which has all the WordPress features.

Below we are discussing some of the useful tips to use WordPress efficiently.

Debugging skills

The first step to efficiently use WordPress is to detect the bugs and remove them quickly. You should know what are the different types of bugs in WordPress. You will encounter lots of bugs on WordPress while you will be developing a website. Initially it can be a time consuming task to remove the bugs yourself but sooner you will realize that the bugs begin to repeat and then you will able to remove them quickly and efficiently. Facing bugs should not hinder you to do new experiments in WordPress.

Gaining Expertise in using Admin Panel

Admin panel of WordPress is very user friendly hence you will get comfortable with it quite easily and quickly. Then you should practice regularly and should gained expertise in using it. There are many features in the Admin Panel. Soon you will be get used to the user interface which means you will not have to spend much time in just to search in the features to find what you want. If you gain strong command on WordPress admin panel then it will boost your efficiency of using WordPress and you will not need to contact any WordPress development service to build your WordPress website.

Interact with other developers in discussion forums

Although you can learn much of the WordPress yourself but many a times you will need external help. WordPress is a big platform and it has hundred of new things which you should learn and the faster and efficient way is to learn from other developer’s experiences. You can find so many discussion forums in which the topics range from basic to expert levels. You can learn so many things by interacting on these forums. By this way you can use WordPress efficiently.

Use lighter WordPress theme

Many people use heavy themes with lots of images which can reduce the efficiency of working in WordPress. If you work faster then it will improve the efficiency. Hence you should decrease the load on WordPress theme. In order to make the website very attractive, don’t use heavy WordPress themes. You should use lighter yet attractive theme so that the speed doesn’t get affected and you can use WordPress efficiently.

Learn about plugins for various tasks

Plugins are the essential part of WordPress website development. For every task or feature there is a plugin available and you don’t need to write complicated code yourself. Plugins are available for important tasks such as Search bar, Social media, SEO etc. If you want to efficiently use WordPress then you should know atleast two plugins for each purpose so that you can use them immediately without much of searching. Hence prior knowledge of plugins will make WordPress development and maintenance more efficient.

These were some of the tips which you can use to work with WordPress CMS efficiently to develop your website. This knowledge will not only reduce the time taken during development process but it will increase your knowledge about WordPress CMS to an expert level which you can use to develop more WordPress websites quickly and efficiently.