Tuesday, 16 May 2017

How To Select A Custom WordPress Theme For Business

Ever since WordPress was introduced back in 2003, it has become a primary open source platform for blogging as well as publishing. The simplicity the platform and the plethora of plugins and themes have led to immense popularity for using WordPress around the world.

From a wide range of themes to choose from, the designers have led the WordPress theme customization to a different level. These premium themes are skillfully designed and ensure a crisp responsiveness. In order to get a robust content management system for your website, here is a list of aspects to look out for in a premium theme.

Prefer A Unique And Quality Layout

The custom WordPress theme you want your website to be made on should be unique.The overall aesthetics should look better and display a premium quality design. With design being the prime factors to funnel down more traffic, a retina-optimized design should be awaiting the visitors once they land on the website.

Preview The Theme

The best part about consider a theme made by the WordPress web development services is that they include live demos and previews. This is important to know of the theme before you buy it. It is advised that you should not go for the themes that do not have any live preview or demo. Explore the demo thoroughly and go through all functions to be assured.

Ensure Regular Support And Updates

If you're buying a WordPress theme, make sure that it is backed up with a certain degree of assistance from its developers. The support can differ from  a personalized support from the designer, to the ticketing system or a free membership of certain forums to get support. Moreover, with the WordPress CMS getting regular updates, the developers should be able to add all the new features to the purchased theme.

Consider The Documentation

Select the WordPress theme which features a step-by-step instruction manual. This should guide you on the standard processes such as how to upload and install the theme as well as manage it.

A Well Structured Theme

A custom WordPress theme which you consider should be the one which does not have any misspellings, bugs, errors, crash or low-quality images. The theme should be built on a semantic structures of code and be as per the W3C standards. Make sure that it is cross browser compatible and responds well on all kinds of devices and web browsers.

Look Out For Some Mandatory Features

While every theme, especially the premium ones have certain feature, there are some mandatory features which every theme should have. These include:
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Ajax
  • Multiple layouts
  • Drop-down menus
  • Print style sheets

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Browser-Friendly Way Of Creating A WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress website is relatively easy since the platforms provides you with all the necessary tools for development. However, creating a website which is as per the preferences of the web browsers, such as Google is crucial to ensure that it is able to rank higher once it goes live.

With that said, you can find many WordPress developer for hire who can assist you in not just coming up with an amazing website, but let you know of the ways by which you can create a site which most search engines want to see. Here is a brief review of how it is done :

  • After installing the WordPress CMS into your domain, connect it with your hosting service. Remember to note down the login details to the admin dashboard before logging in.
  • Next, go to the General Settings and delete the phrase ‘Just Another WordPress Blog’.
  • Go to the permalinks and type in the characters /%postname%. You can take assistance from WordPress web development services if you are not confident with this step. By doing this you will be able to make the post look like the this: domainname.com/topic-of-your-blog rather than the default which looks like: domainname.com/?=id=2345. This is also regarded as a spam link on different search engines such as Google.
  • Now, change the default un-categorized articles into various categories.
  • Convert the ‘Hello World’ into a short welcome note for the visitors in which you can add a message or a brief introduction in which you let your audience know what the post or blog is all about.
  • Change the sample page into About Us Page. Here, you can share your information such as your profession, your views on the topics you discuss in the blogs and the purpose of creating the website.
  • Now, you can add the plugins which you wish to feature on the dashboard of your WordPress website.
  • In the next step, it is recommended that you should activate the All-In-One SEO Pack plugin, which will allow you to create headings, brief descriptions and keywords as per the rankings.
  • If you wish to add a discussion room at the end of the blog, you can use a form building WordPress plugin such as Contact Form 7 which will allow you to create the box for the readers to type in their name, email and comments or quarries they wish to ask or discuss with the fellow readers or the author.
  • Next, add some caching plugins which will allow the website to load faster. You can pick from WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Cache Enabler, Zen Cache and so on.
  • Once you have installed a plugin, the next step is to choose a template, which can be found in Themes under Appearances. Depending upon the features you wish to incorporate in your website such as image sliders, two or three columns display and so on, you can pick the one that best suits your purpose.
  • Now, go to the Widgets menu and delete the ones which you do not require. These widgets are displayed on the sidebar. You can choose the ones which will display banner codes, recent posts, most viewed posts and similar standard widgets.
  • Create the top and bottom menu which has the desired categories such as Home, About, Blog, Products, Reviews, Testimonials and Contact Us pages.
  • Once the initial setup is ready, you can simply go ahead with adding blogs, articles, new products as well as tweak the website on the go.
  • As you get familiar with the platform, you can add or drop the plugins to make website management easier.

Monday, 1 May 2017

What are the actual costs of hiring a skilled WordPress developer?

When it comes to choosing the suitable content management system for the purpose of website development, you cannot ignore the presence of WordPress. It is one of the most powerful CMS platforms that permits users to create scalable and flexible sites suitable for both personal and business use. WordPress has so much dominance in the web development sector that it is currently powering approx 35% of the portals which are live on the World Wide Web.

There is no other CMS software in the market which can match the reliability that WordPress provides. If you are planning to use this CMS, then you have to look out for the skilled and experienced WordPress developer for hire because they are the only one who can provide you with an easy to use the portal. Whenever you will start looking out for the developer, there will be two broad choices that you have to face. 

The first one is of the Freelancers whereas the second one is a WordPress development agency. Regardless of whatever choice you make, either of two would work at a cost for you. Given below is the brief comparison of the cost of hiring of the freelance WP developer and a professional agency.

Freelancer Rates: The hourly rate of a freelance for the WordPress development would range from the $20 to $50 (for the beginners) to $150 to $350 (specialist). The cost of hiring an expert completely depends on the skill level that is possessed by the freelancer.

Agency Rates: In the case of the agency offering WordPress development services could range from $60 to $120 (small firm) and for the large market beasts $200-$275.

Well, WordPress is not only about the web designing and developing but it also demands maintenance services as well as the regular updates. These all should be included in the costs as well. So, the overall WordPress web development cost will roughly around $500 to $2500+ for designing a basic WP site. However, WordPress Website Development Cost usually depends on location and market.

There are broadly two sorts of WordPress developers which you will come across in the market. One is the Bad Developer who will overcharge you and would not work at their full potential and thus not deliver you the desired work in the stipulated time frame. The second one is the Good Developers would deliver you more than what was expected from them but will work for you at a premium price.

After comparing the two sets of WordPress developers, the one point is clear that the quality of work can be only delivered by the experienced developers. The cost of hiring an expert is an important aspect but you have to consider the quality work, past projects, clientele as well. Whether a developer is worth a premium price tag must be decided on the basis of the expertise level and past work that has been done by him.


From the above-mentioned article, it is very much clear that there is nothing concrete can be said about the cost of hiring a WordPress developer. You should be giving a great importance to your project requirements first and then choose the developer which is best suited for the development of your project. If you are new to the online business world, then you have to calculate all the risk so that you don't have to face any hassle before or during the project. With proper risk assessment done, you can limit your losses that would incur of any mishappening. Bear this thing in mind that the WordPress Website Development Cost usually also depends on the location and market.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Top 5 Plugins For WordPress Based E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce plugins are the must-have tools if you wish to sell products online without any glitches. There are many ways in which can sell products and services from your website. One of the reliable and highly profitable way is to integrate a WordPress plugin and sell with ease.

Given the never-ending, list of features these plugins come loaded with, it has become important that the WordPress eCommerce website development should feature these plugins. And when it comes to picking the best WordPress E-Commerce plugin, here is a list that will come handy.

1) WP e-commerce

This plugin has been used by many WordPress users since it has many custom features. Although a free plugin, it has some amazing features which are not available even in some of the paid plugins. because it has many different features and is free. The list of payment solutions available with the plugin are:
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Pay Pal Payment Standard
  • Pay Pal Payment Pro
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
  • Google Checkout

2)  Shopp

Shopp is a paid plugin. In the beginner level, you get a license for the software. You can also use many other plugins and integrate them with each other and enhance the overall functionality. These plugins feature options for adding different payment gateways, shipping modules, or a support session in the E-Commerce store.

Since the plugin comes with a detailed documentation, the installation process and the usage of the plugin is quite elementary. There are many interesting and unique features associated with Shopp, such as the ability to customize the carts. This along with many others is the reason why Shopp makes it to the list of the premium and reliable plugins for WordPress based eCommerce websites available in the market today.

3) Shopify

Shopify is a popular E-Commerce plugin for WordPress and is highly recommended by the webmasters. This is one of the go-to plugins which the E-Commerce store owners use when all other plugins fail to perform as desired. Shopify is very easy to install, and customizable to the granular level. The users of the plugin often get addicted to the simple management and robust features of the plugin, making it a remarkable tool.

4) PHPurchase

The PHPurchase plugin comes in two versions, the Standard and the Pro version. The plugin has many exclusive features, which are easy to customize as well. The list of payment gateways which can be used with the PHPurchase plugin are:
  • Pay Pal Website Payments Standard
  • Pay Pal Website Payments Professional
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
  • eProcessing Network
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Quantum Gateway
  • Authorize.net

5)  EShop

This is one of the noteworthy free plugin for WordPress. It is highly preferred as a robust e-cart. The plugin is fairly easy to install and you can instantly add, review and check the stats of the products within a few mouse clicks. You can also customize EShop to the core as per your needs and create an amazing appearance. Although the plugin comes integrated with only PayPal or Payson, but if you are using any of these gateways, it is not much of a drawback.


The plugins mentioned above are easy to install in your E-Commerce site. Since each plugin has a different role to play, you must pick the one that serves the purpose of your website. However, if your business sells thousands of products online, you should opt for a custom plugin development from a reputed service provider.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

How To Cast An Experienced WordPress Developer?

Introduced in 2003, WordPress has evolved as the leading and highly recommended content management system in the recent times. WordPress is providing an unmatched interface and an amazing user experience to millions of users. If you want a website which features all the latest features, then WordPress is the best choice of CMS for your business.

Although the platform is easy to get along with, there is a need to hire a great WordPress developer who has a certain level of expertise to develop an efficient website. Only a skilled WordPress developer can fulfill the website needs and ensure you that you achieve your business goals. For the hiring process,  there are some key pointers to consider which we will discuss in this post:


The developer you hire must possess the know-how to manage the technical glitches of the WordPress development. This is possible only if they have access to the latest developments and technologies. Make sure that the developer is an active community member and knows of the current and upcoming trends of the CMS.


Merely going around the credentials of the WordPress programmer is not enough. It is advised that you should go through every detail of the development work they have worked on in the past. You need to target the specialization you are looking for, as per the needs of your project.


You would certainly want an expert to handle your project rather than an amateur. Check the portfolio of the developer and see that he has mastered the skills while working on different projects. Instead of experience in the field, look for the type of projects they have done and measure the quality of their work. You need to look out for the proficiency in general web development languages like:

1. JavaScript
2. PHP
3. CSS
4. XML
5. HTML5

All these coding languages are a part of WordPress development. Make sure that the developer you hire is an expert in these technologies.

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Along with being a tech-savvy, a developer should be reliable as well. You should not have any issues while sharing your expectations or personal business data with the hired developer. At the same time, it is important that they ensure you to deliver the project in time without exceeding the discussed budget.


It does not necessarily mean that you have to shell out a lot of money to achieve premium quality. You should always discuss the budget with your developer and work on ways to keep the costs to the minimum.

Customer Support

You will need to get back to your developer from time to time during and after the development. In this case, technical support services play a vital role in ensuring a productive partnership between you and the developer. Ask the developer about the type of post-project support which you can expect. Support services signify the reliability of the developer you wish to work with. Make sure that the support services are a part of the contract and have been mentioned in the terms and conditions of support.


If you wish for an awesome website but do not have the rightful resources, hiring a WordPress developer is an ideal choice. With the rising popularity of WordPress, you can find many developers on the web who provide the services at cost effective pricing. You can also consult the previous clients of the developer and ask for the feedback before you hire him for your project.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Keynotes For HTML To WordPress Conversion

In order to prevail the cut-throat online competition, you need to keep your website up-to-the-minute to meet the needs of your viewers. For webmasters, there is no alternate to update the site with every possible element or technology that may give an edge to the website. If you are looking for a better and reliable way to eliminate the need of hand-coding in HTML, you should switch to WordPress content management system.

Analyzing the trend of hiring HTML to WordPress conversion services around the world will certainly motivate to migrate to WordPress. Given the ease of usage and the potential to dominate the web, opting for WordPress CMS completely makes sense. But before you flag off the migration, you must know the nuts and bolts of the platforms.

Most of the elements of your website have HTML code. WordPress, although written in PHP, includes snippets of HTML and CSS. In this article, we will discuss the crucial factors to keep in mind during the WordPress migration.

After getting your HTML based website switched to WordPress, you might face some technical glitches. A common issue is the need to change your website’s URL. In this case, it is always advised to consult a professional WordPress programmer for using the 301 redirects for the website URL. This step needs to be followed carefully. Changing your old URL to a new one will ensure that you are able to retain your old links, which direct the visitors to the web pages you want.

In the HTML pages, you might have added some backlinks or internal links to other websites or pages of the same site. Linking is done to provide all the necessary information to the users as well as boost the website rankings. It also plays a major role in attracting the search engines towards the website.

So, if you wish to retain your navigation in the new WordPress template and use links the same way you were using in HTML, make sure that the new pages have an equal number of internal links. Therefore, it is always advised to audit the navigation and internal linking during the conversion process.

If your HTML website did not feature engaging content, it is one of the key reasons why you could not achieve much organic traffic. Hence, while you migrate your website from HTML to a dynamic WordPress template, add engaging content as well as infographics for the users.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the content is placed precisely on the web pages. Remember, do not over-board your content with a lot of keywords. Instead, write useful content with precise keywords to avoid spamming and target your audience effectively.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Renovate Your Website With PSD To WordPress Conversion

It’s not been that long since WordPress was introduced in 2003. Though, the platform gained immense popularity really quickly. The reason was simple - no other platform could offer such amazing plugins and extension to make a website. Also, the functioning of WordPress was super easy and easily understood by non-techs in the field. But for someone who has the design ready in PSD format needs the help of a professional to convert the file into WordPress.

The PSD to WordPress theme conversion is important because PSD format files are not possible to access over the web. In this case, WordPress becomes a highly efficient platform to go for.

Being responsive and flexible is also a highlighted feature of this platform. Where in a time only professional designers and developers could prepare a website for you, WordPress gave you the option to do it all yourself. Not everyone is familiar with the design language and here is when WordPress came as a blessing for business owners and entrepreneurs.

How to convert a PSD files to WordPress?

1. Organize

PSD files are widely used as they maintain the transparency of work and the conversion results are better. To organize these PSD files is the first step taken by a professional web developer.

2. Slicing and Coding

The PSD file needs to be divided into different layers. The step is called Slicing the files. From images to menu tab, multiple images are sliced before the coder starts working on the HTML for the website. For an effective WordPress conversion, this is done for every web page on the website.

3. Extras and Debugging

By collecting all the CSS, template and program function files in one folder, the programmer checks for errors and other function. This is the testing phase of the website where each and every function is analyzed thoroughly and debugged. The compatibility and performance of the website are also the websites is also tested and changes are made in the HTML file.

If you are skeptical about the WordPress conversion and want to know why this conversion is best for your website, read on:
  • WordPress conversion makes your website responsive and visually appealing from all measures.
  • Targets a wide audience and results in better conversions for your business.
  • The transition by PSD to HTML looks better and results in pixel perfect design for your WordPress website.
  • WordPress website has better compatibility with cross browsers.
  • WordPress themes converted from PSD files perform better in Search Engines and have better conversions rather than an ordinary theme website.
  • PSD to WordPress conversion done by professional guarantees your support 24X7 as it is hand coded. This is very useful if you are a non-programmer.


A web support by a professional is very important for a non-programmer. The unusual behavior of your website can have a direct impact on the business and sales. If you don’t want to miss on that and lose money, always ask for PSD to WordPress conversion by experts.