Thursday, 15 June 2017

How to do A/B Testing with WordPress?

WordPress is a Open-source content management system (CMS). It is designed based on popular language PHP and database MySQL. WordPress is currently being used by over 27% of websites and supports more than 60 million websites. A/B testing is a way to find out the suitable online promotional and marketing strategies for the business. It is an efficient testing platform which can test everything from a WordPress website. Generally this testing is used to test everything relate to online. A need for converting PSD to WordPress theme may arise as we can create two separate webpages for A/B testing.

One can use A/B testing for checking website copy, sales emails and search ads. A well planned A/B testing can bring in effectiveness in your marketing efforts. In this we will search for most effective elements of a promotion and integrating them which will result in more success and more profits. Actually in A/B testing we run many experiments simultaneously among two or more pages to know which performs the best.

Planning for A/B testing?

The first step you have to do while planning for an A/B testing is to decide what to test. Then construct a list of all the variables you will test.

Process of A/B testing involves following steps:-
  • First of all you have to choose the site you want to optimize the conversion on.
  • Then choose an element from a page that you would do to split test on.
  • Now make two variations of the page such as A and B.
  • Make both the page variants to the viewers of your website for a specific period of time.
  • Now you can see and compare the conversion rates of both the web pages.
  • The web page which has the highest conversion rates has better results so you can use this.

Performing A/B testing on your WordPress site

Select your page
In first step for A/B testing on your WordPress website, you have to select the web page that you want to apply A/B testing and aware of all the parts which you want to test. Using this one can develop the desired strategies.

Select the appropriate solution

Now you have to select the site elements that are required for the testing. This can be done using the WordPress A/B tool. Using this tool you can select the A/B testing experiments which are important for the website.

Creating Required variations

Create required variation and start the A/B testing experiments. Make two variations of your site for example A and B. In this variation A is the original web page of the site and variation B is the web page that contains the changes.

Select the variation

After creating the variations, you have to run your A/B testing for specific period of time. This is the final step in A/B testing. You have to present your two variations for your site's visitors for checking conversion rates. The conversion rates are calculated for the specific time period. After the conversion rates are calculated the page to be used will be decided.

While doing this testing you have to select the correct selection for your testing experiments. Then you can easily compare the results and select the page with higher conversion rates and after selecting the web page, you can do changes on your site without any problem.

Thus we can say that A/B testing helps you to find the best marketing strategies for your site and also helps you to improve your site conversion rates.

There are two methods that you can use while performing A/B testing on your WordPress Site.

Self contained plugins
These plugins help you in showing all the variation and record them. You can see all the generated reports on your WordPress dashboard. The main benefit of using these plugins is that your data will stay on your site

Third Party service

In this method the particular plugin is connected with the third party service to manage all the tests. It manages analysis and reporting and allows only those users who are actually registered to see the website content.

We have elaborated all the steps and processes to implement A/B testing on any WordPress website. This will help you a lot in creating your marketing strategy and try to assist you in fulfilling your goals and targets so that your online business can generate lots of sales and profits for you.