Friday, 30 December 2016

Why to choose WordPress for web development projects

Launched in the year 2003, WordPress is one of the leading open-source content management systems which has completely transformed the process of web development. Its ever-growing market share and popularity in the web sphere has helped this platform in earning millions of users. At present, WP owns the 65% of the CMS market and is used by almost 60 million sites which are live on the internet.

The primary reason behind its popularity is Wordpress theme development services that assist in giving a whole new outlook to the portal. When it comes to usage, WordPress is miles ahead of its users. All this has been possible because of its richness in innovative features & robust functionalities that have redefined the web development. It's a free platform due to which it comes in handy for the firms which have restricted budget for their website development project.

Apart from themes, WordPress comes pre-loaded with a spectrum of plugins and themes that assist web owners in widening the functionalities & boosting the productivity of their portal. Be it a blog, corporate site or an eCommerce store, WP is capable of supporting all sorts of web projects. Moreover, WP is SEO-friendly right out of the box and comes pre-installed with several SEO plugins that assist sites, services & products rank better & gain good visibility on the internet.

Make sure you hire someone who offers reliable Wordpress web development services that too at cost-effective prices. Along with users, even the developers also find this platform easy to work with as they can quickly customize the design, features and colors of the portal. Like all the other open-source platforms, WordPress also has an ever-growing community that includes both developers and users.

WP's support community is available 24/7 and is capable of troubleshooting any technical and non-technical issue faced by the users. Besides, round the clock assistance, there are numerous guides, articles, reference videos available on the web which assist developers & users in overcoming all the hurdles faced during development.

What's more, WP is a quite secure CMS system and deploys latest security measures to protect the sites & blogs from any spam or hack attempts. Regular updates and security plugins offer an extra layer of protection to sites. Overall, WordPress is a very beneficial platform your business should rely on all sorts of web development purposes. It has all the essential features which are needed to provide business operations with an edge over others. With WordPress, you would be able to reach your goals in a hassle-free manner.


WordPress assists in building a scalable and quality portal for all sorts of business firms. Make sure that you hire an experienced WP Development firm which is proficient in handling all sorts of small and big WP projects. It will be good that you go through their portfolio which would provide a brief idea about creativity level of the firm. Nowadays, there are several offshore companies that offer professionals on the full-time or part-time basis.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are simply the predefined codes that are used to instantly boost the functionality of a WordPress website. Today, there are a plethora of plugins available, which offer a wide range of benefits to the WordPress web developers.

Plugins and extensions help to optimize the WordPress website in no time. It also helps to achieve higher ranking by the search engines. With the help of WordPress plugin development, it gets as easy as possible to maintain the website. Plugins are used to monitor site statistics like page views or bounce rate. Moreover, anti-spam plugins prevent spams like fake comments on the website from spam bots. WordPress plugins make it convenient for web admins to add all the latest features to their blogs without the help of professional developers.

Other useful features of WordPress plugins include addition of photo and video galleries to a blog post, advertisement and much more. The benefits can be taken a step further by getting custom plugins developed by professional developers in accordance with the business needs.

There are hundreds of thousands of robust plugins available on the official website. Many of these highly rated WordPress plugins are developed by elite programmers from around the world. The plugins avail easy alternates to some complex functions like search engine optimization, getting feedback, adding jQuery, uploading new post or content and much more. But sometimes these plugins, especially the free ones have some glitches. They have security issues of some kinds which remain unnoticed until it starts facing security concerns. Such plugins can be harmful for the website and the reputation of the brand.

The question arises that how can one ensure the security of the plugin? This can be assured by using some WordPress Security Monitors. These monitors enable the web admins to instantly check for the reliability of the installed plugins. The security monitors are highly advanced and scan the plugins for any vulnerable elements. Some of the best security monitors are:
  • Wordfence Security
  • All in One WP Security & Firewall
  • WP-DBManager
  • Sucuri Security
  • Acunetix WP Security

These WordPress Monitors perform a ground level analysis and search for any malicious threats. Malware can be of any type such as Trojan, Worms, Boot virus and more. Intruders install such files in the WordPress websites for many reasons. It is generally done to redirect the visitors to any other websites. Some malware may also lead to getting the website blacklisted for unethical code of conduct. So, it is better to use security monitors and remove such harmful beforehand.

WordPress has become popular since it is easy, relatively cheap and an open source platform. The technology has enabled even the non-tech people as well as professional developers to create competitive plugins. These plugins are actively addressing the needs of millions of WordPress website users.

Most of the WordPress plugins are available without any charge. So, it is important to know that often such plugins do not include any technical support. This is the reason why plugins (especially the freebies) should be chosen carefully. For picking the rightful plugin, you may consider the following checklist:
  • See that the plugin developer updates it frequently
  • Check for it’s compatibility with the latest version of WordPress
  • Consider the developer’s feedback for support
  • Read the reviews and ratings

Monday, 19 December 2016

Top 4 WordPress Plugins For Footnotes

Footnotes are defined as attributes or notes which are placed at the bottom of a page. These are used to acknowledge the content on the page. The WordPress footnotes plugins are wonderful tools which can be used by business professionals effectively add footnotes to the WordPress site.

These footnotes can be a plain text or media that appears on the bottom of the WordPress website. All of the plugins used by WordPress developer are easy to customize and are affordable. You can add any kind of content in the footnotes to help the viewers about the information on the page.

1. CM Footnotes

The footnotes plugin by Creative Minds is a highly advanced plugin which can be customized from the scratch. The plugin enables to add any type of desired texts to your website. You can add footnotes, citations, end notes, bibliography and any kind of media. Footnotes can be added to any page or post as well as customize them according to the requirements. The plugin is ideal for developers who want to have unique and customized footnotes on their website.

2. Easy Footnotes

The easy footnotes plugin is one of the most popular plugin among WordPress developer as it is easy to install and work with. Viewers just have to click on a footnote and they can easily view the data. This way, they don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the blog or article. When the user adds a shortcode, a footnote can be placed at the bottom of the page. Every footnote is assigned an individual icon, which can be clicked to automatically get the user on a certain word.

3. Inline Footnotes

The Inline Footnotes plugin is easy to use and perfect for new WordPress users. People can use a shortcode to add relevant footnotes to post or web pages. The Inline Footnotes plugin can be viewed in the text itself, so users need not scroll to the bottom of the page. A number appears along with the word and users can see the information there itself.

4. WP NoteUp

WP NoteUp is a premium plugin which allows the admin to add footnotes while modifying the WordPress pages. The website admin can add notes, images or any kind of media to any page or post. Moreover, one can customize the style and layout of the footnote. The plugin is ideal for people who want to add footnotes when they are editing pages or creating new posts.


Apart from the mentioned above, there are many other footnote plugins available. The key is to find the one that goes well with the website. There are some plugins which have simple shortcodes, and some that enables the viewer to view the content without scrolling down the page.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

For an easy eStore management, convert PSD to WP

If you will ask any serious blogger about which is the best blogging platform, then he/she will definitely rank “WordPress” as the best one. But a few years ago, the WordPress transformed itself into an efficient, feature-rich and secure website building software which is capable of supporting all sorts of internet sites. The good thing about WP is that it is based on the open-source tech which means that anyone can tweak it as per their requirements and that too without spending a dime.

While developing a WordPress based site, you may come across several premium services like plugins and themes but even those are available at affordable prices. To start your WP development process you need to convert PSD to WordPress theme so that your site can have a definitive structure. Once the theme designing process is done, you can start adding content such as company details, products, images, testimonials, prices and much more.

In a very less time, WP has become one of the most trusted web development platforms which can be used for building any site irrespective of its size and complexity. Taking into account the immense popularity of WP, several companies especially start-ups have come up with the WordPress powered sites. It's a constantly evolving platform, which means that you will be receiving regular updates from the WP support.

Another thing about, WordPress is that has a large community which consists of experienced developers and active users who work day and night to make this platform more powerful, flexible and easy to use. Along with community, the WordPress also has an online store which offers thousands of free & premium themes, plugins, extensions etc which help in enhancing the performance of WP based site. As mentioned-above a theme plays a pivotal role in WP site, so here are the few points on the basis of which you should choose a theme.


It is said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Always choose the simple yet powerful theme which should match up with your brand image and helps you promote your product in a better manner. Make sure the theme offers plenty of features and keeps the navigation simple.


Most of the people nowadays use their mobile devices to access sites so it will be good that you install a theme which is responsive and adapts any screen size without compromising on the functionality.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

Before making your site live, it will be good that you test run it on different operating systems and web browsers. This thing will help you ensure that your web design is cross-browser compatible. You can also use various web testing tools for this process.


Make sure that theme is also compatible with various plugins as it will help you boost the functionality of your site. Yoast SEO, Gravity Forms are some of the most commonly used plugins.


If you wish to use WP to support your site, then make sure you hire someone who knows in and out of this whole process.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why WordPress is doubling down the HTTPS?

To enhance the development process, WordPress recently announced that they will be introducing some new features in the first quarter of the year 2017. The first thing they will change is that WP will not be supporting hosting partners who are not offering SSL certificate by default to all the accounts. WordPress said this change will be made in early 2017.

By making SSL certificate a priority the Wordpress developer will be able to make the sites more safe and secure. The company will further assess that which sites would be benefited most from the SSL certificate. Along with that, WP is also considering the authentication of API. This move by WP will surely push forward to an encrypted internet which will be free of phishing and hack attempts.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is basically a link between the internet browsers and the server which is encrypted. After some recent changes in the modern web browsers and the success of projects like “Let's Encrypt” have made getting an SSL certificate easy & quick. With SSL certification you can make your portal secure and will be able to keep all the personal & financial information of the visitors private.

It will be good that you should hire the best Wordpress web development firm for your WP development projects. The primary reason for hiring experts is that they know in and out of the whole development process because of which they are able to offer excellent services to their clients. Google also weighs SSL as a search engine ranking factor and soon they will begin flagging unencrypted sites in Chrome.

Well, there is no doubt that soon WordPress sites on HTTPS will soon increase. Back in 2014, tech giant Google also said that soon SSL certification would become a necessity in the future. From the past couple of years, several concerned site owners are shifting to HTTPS as it helps in boosting the search engine optimization process and also allows search engine bots to quickly index the site in a better manner.

Today HTTPS has grown to become a trust factor for users and is also signalling them that the portal which they are surfing really cares about their privacy. Whether it's the ranking factor or a trust factor, millions of site have started migrating to HTTPS. Earlier moving to HTTPS used to be an expensive and highly complicated process as there were only a few webmasters in the industry who were capable of pulling this job.

But if you develop a site using WordPress then you can quickly shift to HTTPS site that too in a hassle-free way. WP offers fast and free HTTPS certificate for your site. Apart from SSL, WordPress will also adopt PHP7 and will also make sure that the hosts should also start using PHP7 by default for the new accounts next year as well.


In this article, you will be reading about some major updates from the WordPress CMS System. Make sure you hire professionals for your web development projects.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What Makes WordPress An Ideal CMS For A Small Business

There is no denying of the fact that WordPress is the best content management system available today with unmatched performance and value added services. Initially powering many big brands like CNN, PlayStation, People Magazine and Ford, WordPress has become a synonym for success in the digital world.

With more than 200 million WordPress websites running on the internet, it is for sure that WordPress is for everyone. Especially for smaller businesses, where a strict budget has to be followed, WordPress is the ideal choice for web solutions. WordPress website development has made it possible to get tremendous results from the website with minimum efforts. Read along to know some of the exquisite features of WordPress :

Easy To Use

WordPress doesn't need an expert supervision to handle the web contents. You do not need any technical knowledge or programming skills to manage your website when you have WordPress.

With just a few clicks, one can make instant changes like load new content, edit the existing one, add images, add new fields and much more.

Unlike going in the fuss of programming and what not to update the website as in other content management features, WordPress proves out to be much more economical and efficient.

Easy To Manage

The best part about WordPress is that it is a browser-based platform. Which means that it is not bound to the main server. You can login to the backend of the website from your smartphone or any computer around the world.

You do not have to wait for the developer to edit the content of the website as you can do it whenever you want. Moreover, it is possible to have multiple admins for a single website and assign them with different levels of authorization.

So, an admin for design can make changes in the design part of the site, without affecting other functions. Changes can be made on the go, which is unimaginable with any other content management system.

WordPress Is Search Engine Optimized

Basically made as a tool for blogging, WordPress has built-in features to optimize the ranking of the website. WordPress generates the relevant keywords for meta descriptions, headings, titles and content.

This helps the search engines to index the website in the desired domain. The website gets recognized and ultimately the website is able to achieve prime rankings.

Incomparable Plugins And Extensions

The true potential of WordPress can be realized with the help of plugins and extensions. For every kind of website optimization and maintenance, there is a readily available extension or a plugin.

If you wish to add features like social media sharing, feedback and reviews, payment checkouts, calenders etc, all you need to do is install a plugin. The best part is that these plugins and extensions synchronize automatically with the layout of the website.


WordPress is an all-in-one solution for firms looking out for cheap and effective alternatives to enhance their business. With its amazing features, WordPress has become the primary choice for blogging as well as non blogging websites.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Why custom WP development is becoming famous in web sphere?

Today digital marketing has steered past all the traditional marketing strategies. Almost all the business enterprises are going online so that they can reach out to millions in a hassle-free manner. Not only firms but people are also using various web technologies to stay in touch with web world. As organisations are moving to a virtual environment, the internet marketing sector is growing at a very rapid pace.

New technologies are launched now and then. Every latest development is helping businesses in establishing their strong and powerful presence on the internet. WordPress is one such platform which is has gained a lot of popularity these days. With the assistance of a reliable and highly skilled Wordpress developer, you can quickly develop a robust site for the users. The primary reason behind the popularity of WP is that it has an easy to use architecture and a broad assortment of themes, plugins etc.

You cannot deny the fact that WP is a great platform which can support an eStore, corporate site and a blog. Still, there are times when you need something more advanced and for that, you can opt for custom WP development services in which you can get anything designed as per your requirements. Here is the few reason which makes WP a popular choice of any firm:

Superb Flexibility:
WordPress comes loaded with pretty features and that too right out of the box. Just make sure that you opt for the best Wordpress CMS development service provider who will help you explore all the inbuilt and add-on functionalities of WP so that you can make the most out of its flexibility.

Highly Customizable:

All the WordPress powered sites can be customized to meet the individual needs. In fact, WP is known as the best CMS system in terms of customization. By using plugins, shortcodes and widgets, one can easily get a site customized from a professional. You can also develop various themes/templates from scratch.

Search Engine Friendly:

Sites based on the WP CMS system highly search engine friendly. It doesn't matter you install an SEO plugin or not, but these sites will still run comfortably on the web. WP sites are quite easy to list on the SERPs (search engine results page). The search bots can quickly index and fetch the site if a user feeds in a particular keyword on Google, Yahoo or Bing. By adding Meta tags, descriptions, title, etc. to every page a user can make his site more SEO-friendly.

Social Media Friendly:

When it comes to online promotion, social media plays a pivotal role in enhancing the product exposure. Millions of people have joined social media sites and it has become really easy to pitch them by deploying efficient social media marketing strategies. A social media-friendly site allows users to share your site' content on different platforms.

In this article, you will read few reasons that make WordPress site development services most popular in the web sphere.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Convert your PSD design into WP theme: 5 easy steps

Creating the internet site needs two most important things; the first one is the attractive looks and the second point is functionalities. If one of these elements is missing from the site, then your portal won't be able to survive in this ever changing internet market. Today most of the people are choosing CMS system for the web development.

Individuals who don't have much knowledge about coding prefer WordPress platform for their website development projects. WP is based on the open-source technology because of which millions of people can use it. By opting for PSD to WordPress conversion services you can give your site a unique outlook and easy navigation. Given below are five concrete steps that will help you in carrying out this customization:

Step 1: Slicing PSD

This is the first phase in the PSD conversion. Slicing means to cut and divide an image file into multiple design files. Each file contains different design components related to the overall layout. By cutting the PSD design, you will make it lighter & easier to convert to HTML codes. A website has multiple images sewn together seamlessly.

Step 2: Creating Index.html and style.css

The next step is to start coding the sliced images into HTML & XHTML format and then further style it by using CSS. To carry out this process successfully a developer should possess in-depth knowledge of both CSS & HTML. Usually, coders use web development software like Dreamweaver and Fireworks for this task, but again it is up to the developer who decides to choose whichever software they like.

Step 3: Break index.html according to WordPress theme file structure

The whole WordPress site is based on the theme which is uploaded in the WP software. Thus the primary concern of the coder is to convert the PSD design in the right manner so that the theme can function properly. Moreover, you can also add different features and functionalities to that theme with the help of WP tools, plugins & extensions.

Step 4: Adding WordPress tags

The best thing about WP is that it comes with hundreds of inbuilt functions that are designed to make the WP powered site bigger & better. All you have to do is to add function tags in the theme files that will help you get the desired functionality. And the rest of things will be handled by the WP.

Step 5: Adding functionalities

Now that you have finally created and activated the theme, its time that you add desired features to your site. You can install different plugins in your site and can modify any existing functionality. You can also configure any setting of the WP with the help of user-friendly admin dashboard.


WordPress is such an amazing CMS system that even the people with a little bit of technical knowledge can also use it to build feature-rich websites for their individual and business needs.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Why You Need HTML To WordPress Template Conversion TODAY!

What makes WordPress the best CMS is that it is so easy to use. Along with the simplicity of WordPress, it is an advanced system which, with a little bit of knowledge and tweaking, can be made into a powerful tool to do incredible things. By considering a few of the websites that are powered by WordPress as a content management system (CMS) it can be testified that WordPress makes website building easier, but never limits with the variations you can do.
If you have a website based on an HTML design which was created in Photoshop, you need to know that it is not browser friendly. Therefore, to make the current HTML design more efficient, (for both website users as well as search engines), it is a must to convert it to other convenient templates acceptable by various search engines and web browsers. By converting the HTMLto WordPress, i.e. a template with W3C compliant codes, you improve the scalability of your website. At the same time, you also get to retain the design capabilities. The HTML to premium WordPress coding services offer great solutions to web site developers as it allows them to create custom designs and themes to meet the unique requirements of the website.

WordPress is today emerging as the most desired content management system for all the good reasons. Thanks to the comprehensive built-in features like registration and more, one does not need to be a pro to manage a website. With instant user registration, website owners get the privilege to register in the WordPress open-source content management system and communicate to back end.
Professional firms which provide services to convert HTML templates to WordPress are in huge demand nowadays. Such services are capable of delivering custom web applications based on the individual client requirements. These WordPress website development based web applications are highly scalable because they are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. The highly semantic coding makes them more search engine friendly as well as lightweight.
With the rising popularity of WordPress, the demand for HTML to WordPress conversion services is rising with every passing day. Even in the future, WordPress will retain a clear lead from every other content management systems. Currently 6 out of 10 Web sites on the internet depends on WordPress as their content management system.
This number is likely to grow tenfold as many more businesses and individuals are realizing the benefits of WordPress in the long run. And for all the upcoming websites, WordPress conversions from other templates will be the only way out.
With the help of skilled and affordable HTML to responsive WordPress conversion services, you can get a professional web site which is free from various design complexities. The design which is sliced and hand coded from HTML into a compatible WordPress theme will attract search engine spiders as well as new visitors quickly.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why you need a service provider for WooCommerce themes?

WooCommerce is famous for its robust eCommerce plugins designed and developed for WordPress CMS system. With the support of WooCommerce plugins, you can build up a dynamic, SEO ready, highly functional and a top-notch eStore for your business. These plugins are compatible with all the WP themes & templates. Seeing the growing popularity of WooCommerce, millions of eShop owners have installed these plugins on their websites. Moreover, these plugins are backed up by the team of experienced developers and receive regular updates.

Why You Need It?

Before starting the actual process i.e. looking out for Wordpress theme development firm, you first have to chalk out your requirements and budget. Every eStore owner wants to deploy active plugins & theme for their portal. With WooCommerce extensions you can surely make your online store more engaging.

Given below are the few features of WooCommerce plugins:

  •     It makes your site more responsive than ever before.
  •     It offers additional security to keep your eCommerce website safe.
  •     Even a non-techie can also maintain and operate these plugins.
  •     You can also add payment modes & gateways in your online store.
  •     WooCommerce plugins have user-oriented mechanism
  •     These plugins will also boost your overall business.

Success Rate

Developing a successful portal is only possible when you hire the services of an experienced and reliable Wordpress eCommerce web development company. While looking out for the service provider, the first thing you need to confirm is the market reputation of the firm. A company with high success rate will provide you with an excellent portal without compromising on the quality of services.

Experience & Expertise

Every firm owner wants his business to reach new heights and achieve great success. With the help of an eCommerce portal, you can quickly reach out to your potential customers in a hassle-free manner. Hiring a right service provider is quite essential, especially when it comes to integrating WP plugins. Therefore, it will be good that you look out for someone who has plenty of experience in handling WooCommerce based plugins. Make sure you confirm this thing, before sending your web development project.

Quality Services Vs Cost-effectiveness

It is the most important point that you must bear in mind while browsing for WooCommerce development services. Most of the web owners think that hiring expensive developers will help them grab high-quality services, but it is not the case every time. Today you can hire offshore firms which offer fantastic features at a fraction of costs. You can take help of the internet in locating the best service provider for your web development project.


When it comes to hiring someone for developing a website make sure you appoint that firm which is very well aware of the technicalities involved in the development process. You can easily find out the best company that can cater your need of having a multi-functional, high-end, and dynamic e-commerce site powered by the WooCommerce plugins.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

3 Best Ways To Change Default “Admin” Username In WordPress

WordPress is the most well-known Content Management Systems worldwide. But WordPress is an open source web application and it's free. This means everyone has access to its programming codes. This enables hackers to try out new breaching strategies.

Typically WordPress website development is quite safe and protected if you use some security steps to keep hackers away from your site. The very first thing hackers try out is to login to the website through the default username. So, one must change the username as soon as possible. Here are the best 3 ways of doing it.

From PHPMyAdmin

The default username can also be changes from the cPanel and PHPMyAdmin. For doing this, login to your cPanel and click on PHPMyAdmin. Here you can see various database. Select the database in which your blog is being hosted.

Now look at the left hand side. You will see a list displaying all the tables of the database. Here, click on “wp_users”. Now select the user name you want to edit. Change the user_login field to the desired name and click on “GO”. Now, go back to the website and log in using the new user name you just edited. You can consult your WordPress developer if you are not sure of something.

Using Plugins

Some people find it uncomfortable to get into PHPMyAdmin and do anything. Do not worry. The best alternative for them is to install some plugins that are available for this task and change the default user name. Some of these plugins are specifically designed to make modifications in the user name. The best three plugins for the task are:

  • Sucuri Security
  • Username Changer
  • Admin Renamer Extended

Sucuri Security
This is a complex plugin which does more than changing the default username. The plugin keeps a check on the site for malware or spyware and prevents brute attacks from hackers trying to enter the backend of the server. One of the options of this plugin is to check whether or not you have changed the default username, which is “admin”.  If so, it gives options to change the username instantly.

Admin Renamer Extended
As the name goes, this plugin allows you to change the default “admin” name. It can also be used to change username of other admins. Admin Renamer Extended is a multi site compatible plugin.

Username Changer
This is also a simple functioning plugin that can be used to change the default username. The plugin updates the username if it is similar to the username.

Creating A New User

One more easy and conventional way of changing the default username is by creating a new user with the admin rights. Go to the dashboard and select Users>> add new user.

Now you will have the fields to add the information about the new user. Enter the data as required. Remember to add a different email id this time. 

Once all the info has been added, log out from the website. Log in with the new username and delete the old user account with the name “ admin”. Now, WordPress will ask you what you want to do with the content of “admin” account. Simply assign it to the new account you just created.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Five best themes for creating WP based corporate website

In today's tech-driven world, a website has become a powerful online marketing tool which has made business promotion easy and hassle-free. With the help of a business or corporate website you can quickly get in touch with your potential clients & customers spread across the different geographical boundaries. Nowadays building a website is not only easy but affordable too. There are plenty of CMS systems available on the internet which you can use to powering your business site.

WordPress is one of the most reliable and easy to use CMS system available in the market. Thanks to its open-source technology and WordPress theme development services, WordPress offers each and every feature that helps in building fantastic corporate sites. The WP theme directory is loaded with plenty of beautiful and fully-functional themes that will help you create a website that will help you gain an edge over your market competition. Given below is the list of Five best themes which you can use for your corporate website:


It is one of the most powerful WP themes which will help you create a dynamic business site. The best thing about this theme is that it allows you to sample the content by trying different demos. Moreover, you can also customize these demo styles without spending a dime. The Specular theme comes with 28 demo templates which you can use as per your requirement. In case you face any issue while using this theme, you can refer to the documentation, or can directly contact the Support Forum who will help you sort out any technical & non-technical issue.


This theme is technologically advanced and offers incredibly flexible, fluid, dynamic and highly responsive design that will help you create a multipurpose business website. The Infinite theme is designed in such a manner that it can quickly take on an endless range of usage cases and website applications. Besides this, this theme also comes pre-loaded with dozens of purposeful demo sites and templates that will help you quickly set up your site.

X– The Theme

A well-designed and dynamic theme which offers multiple designs and templates. In this theme bundle, you will have four unique designs and a large pack of features that will surely enhance the versatility and value of your site. X- The theme is compatible with all the web browsers and also offers mobile responsive design. The theme bundle comes with extensive documentation which consists of the vast amount of information about the theme and its features.

Zerif PRO

If you want to build a clean, modern and professional looking WP powered business site then, Zerif PRO will help you accomplish this task. This theme comes with smooth CSS3 animations that will allow you present the website content in a proper manner. The best thing about Zerif PRO is that it's highly SEO friendly and helps in bringing an adequate amount of traffic towards the site.


Melinda is a dynamic, easy to use, lightweight and highly responsive theme which can be utilized for building professional & multipurpose internet sites. This theme comes loaded with right tools that will help you create a powerful impression in this progressive web-sphere. By adding few user-friendly plugins in this theme, you can quickly set up and customize your website as per the latest trends.


With a website, you can quickly get in touch with global clients & customers. It will be good that you opt for the best theme which is easy to use & attractive website that will attract right amount of web traffic and leads to higher sales conversion.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Things to consider while opting for HTML to PSD conversion

The best way to give a new outlook to your dull and static HTML based website is by shifting it to WordPress. In this highly competitive & dynamic marketplace, it has become essential to have user-friendly & easy to manage website. With WordPress, you will be able to enjoy unlimited possibilities and will have access to the world's best web development platforms. 

WordPress comes loaded with many tools which are helpful for creating, editing & managing all the posts, comments, pages, categories, images and tags that you will add to your portal. Importing the static HTML to WordPress has proven to be very fruitful for the site owners. This conversion process has also led to the rise in demand for web developers. By converting your old, dull & boring HTML based site to WordPress, you will give your customers a better portal to browse through.     

In this article, you will read three different options that you can choose before converting your HTML site into WordPress:

1. A complete re-design of your static HTML website (including content)

As per this option, you can give your website a complete makeover which includes content too. You can get your portal re-designed from scratch, add new content, dynamic templates & plugins and give your static HTML based site a new outlook. In this, you can opt for moving all your web pages to the WordPress theme or template. Given below is the list of things that you will witness after opting for this option.
  • Better website navigation
  • Proper positioning of re-directs that will make your site bug-free & will help your site function in better manner
  • Proper installation of site on the server
  • Seamless testing of the site on the web server

2. Creating a database only WordPress site

According to this option, you can create a basic WordPress database for your existing HTML-based portal. This simple database will consist of your existing web content and a general website navigation system. You will get a simple looking website that will have basic functionality, just like your old site. Given below are the things that will be covered in this conversion process:
  • Simple compilation of site body content
  • No sidebars and forms
  • The WordPress database will be loaded into site sub-directory
  • Seamless testing of the site on the server
  • Necessary redirects that will lead to error-free site functioning of your site

3. A complete re-design of your HTML site (without content)

In this third option of HTML to WordPress conversion, you can opt for complete makeover your static HTML website without changing the content placed on it. In this process, a new WP theme will be created which will match the look and feel your current HTML site. Given below are the features you can enjoy by opting for this option:
  • Improved site navigation
  • Addition of re-directs essential for the hassle-free website functioning
  • Proper merging of graphics & various other designs contained within the web pages
  • Bloat-free handling of various of web forms
  • Error-free handling of dynamic content placed on the website


The above-written three options will help you in converting your simple & static HTML based site into an appealing and user-friendly portal which will surely help you connect with new clients & customers.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Maintain your WP site for the smooth functioning of business

The advent of the internet has made this world a global village. It has become easy for any person to gain knowledge of different fields using the internet. The acquisition of merely theoretical knowledge will not help the person in building an efficient blog or website. It will be good that you check out two or three content management systems and choose the best one which suits your requirement. 
WordPress is one of the best and highly reliable CMS system available today. It is widely used by bloggers and website developers to design attractive & feature-rich portals and blogs as per the client's requirements. It is said that almost 70% of websites which are live on the internet are powered by WordPress. The best thing about WP is its WordPress plugin development services which allow users to come up with different plugins for their portal. 
If you want your WP based site to function smoothly, and your visitors have a superior usage experience, then it is quite essential that you maintain your portal on the regular basis. If you are not maintaining your site on regular intervals, then such ignorance will lead to several problems and loose existing & potential customers is one of them. Today there are plenty of unique and feature-rich websites live on the internet so it will be that you maintain & update your website so that your customers don't shift to any other site. 
Besides losing customers, your website will also face issues like poor web traffic, reduction of sales, and much more. If you are not able to maintain your website, then you can hire the services of a reliable WP developer or company which usually have a team of experts who look after all these tasks. 

Through simple Google search, you will be able to quickly locate the best firms that offer affordable web development & maintenance services. WP development services include:
  • Customised Websites that come loaded with spam-free content, HD images & other data.
  • Installation and configuration of the website on a reliable web server
  • Migration of old website on WordPress
  • Complimentary WordPress blog development.
  • Development of customized WP theme, plug-ins or modules that will improve sites functionalities.
  • Functionality extension by adding things like an event calendar, video gallery, slideshows, etc.
  • Maintaining a balance between server run & load time during heavy web traffic.
  • A presentable website with a professional touch.
  • Pocket-friendly solutions.
  • Tried and tested methodology
  • Informative and spam-free content.
  • Unleashing the actual business values.
  • Mobile-friendly website development
Once the website is launched now, it's time to maintain and upgrade it as per the latest standards. Almost all the WP development companies also offer comprehensive WordPress support services at the same price. 

The support services usually consists of a package deal which includes:
  • Regular updations of your site to keep it safe from hackers.
  • Complete back-up of the website so that you can reuse the data in case of any database crash.
  • Reducing the risk of losing data and data base corruption by deploying efficient database management strategies.
  • Regular monitoring of the website
  • Deploying effective measures to keep your portal secure from malicious attacks & spyware
  • Regular Performance scans
  • Proper E-mail support
  • Monthly report of the site's performance
  • Spam and revisions cleanup
  • Manual updates (only if the automatic update fails)
  • Check for hidden admin accounts
  • Survey of login limits to restrict unauthorized logins
  • Check for unwanted files, disabled plugins and themes
  • Migration of the website to a new host
This article consists of few services that you will get from a WP developer and maintenance service provider. To keep your website function smooth it will be good that you get your site updated on the regular basis that too by professionals.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Themes For Customization To Get The Desired Website!

Ah, the same website!

How many of you out there wrestle to get a unique design of your website? If you have a hard time developing a site that is different and comely than the other sites available for the same niche as yours, it's possible that you haven't heard about customization of plugins and themes.

Many developers will help you do the customization, and if you are proficient with WordPress technology, it'll be easier for you to try your hands to customize WordPress Theme development process. Not only Themes but you can also customize the plugins that have high impact in providing the desired look and feel to the website. Before you do that by yourself or get it done by developers, it is imperative to know what are the right Themes that can easily be tailored and what are the plugins perfectly suitable to your website.

5 Themes Best-Known For Their Customization Features

1) Spirit

Spirit is one of the best Themes of WordPress and certainly the one to gush over. It already has some built-in features like choice typography and beautiful imagery but by using popular WordPress drag and drop technology, you can convert it to what you admire the most. So, whether its videos, images, text, maps, galleries or sliders, you can manage with just the flick of a switch,

You can try its demo version for fourteen days.

2) Squirrel

This Theme looks fantastic on all the devices that make its content easier to be read by users. You can customize the featured images, header, background, primary color style and much more to hand out your users with an engaging platform.

This Theme comes with a price of only $59.

3) BizSphere

This Theme features two pre-made color schemes and two logo section layout along with two-page layouts and social media symbols. Not only this but it includes all other essential customization features such as the right sidebar, sticky post feature, threaded comments and much more.

Yiu can avail this Theme free of cost and spend the saved money on its development for a more user-friendly website.

4) Mantra

If you want a profusion of features, Mantra is the theme that you should opt. With responsiveness to all the mobile devices, this Theme supports more than a hundred customization. Some of them are animated slider, left or right sidebar, maps, custom backgrounds, sliders and blog layout. It also includes choices for threaded comments and sticky posts.

Mantra is available to you in just $49.

5) Harrington

Harrington is a simple, beautiful and highly responsible theme with an incredible mobile navigation bar included to give a better platform to your users. Also, it includes the gallery options and a visual editor to tailor it as you desire.

It is available to you free of cost but in case you need some more advanced features like extensive documentation, automatic updates, styling options and more then you can avail its premium version that's cost you $59.


WordPress offers more than 46,526 plugins that can be used in any Theme but make sure that you don't use those plugins that conflict with one another and keep the used ones upgraded. It'll help you enhancing the performance of your website. Also, remove those plugins that are outdated and you no longer use on your WP site. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Good And Bad Of Both WP Themes, Paid And Free!

With more than 22.3 billion monthly page views, WordPress is one of the most versatile CMSs that people use to get their business to an online platform. It's popular because of the advantages comes along free signing up with WordPress. You get thousands of free and premium Themes and Plug-ins to build your website. 

As there are various free and premium themes offered by WordPress, it gets a little laborious to pick up a theme which is a best-fit and supports all features of a robust website. You can choose any theme but make sure to follow WordPress theme development process with the help of plug-ins to create a more appealing website. One should know the difference between a premium and a free WordPress theme because it's not necessary that premium one will always be better than the free one.

Let's go through the below to know what would be more beneficial, a premium theme or a free theme:

Premium Themes -The Good
  • All the premium themes come with supporting features like the forums and emails that are very useful for the new entrants of low-skills.
  • Most of the premium themes have better quality than their free counterparts.
  • WordPress theme development is a built-in feature in paid themes as their design aspects are of high quality and good standards.
  • Security is a priority with premium themes.
  • With paid themes, it's the responsibility of the framework company to keep updating the themes with relevant plug-ins and bug-fixes. You keep getting the updated version to be in online trend.
  • Paid themes offer immaculate coding which is highly mandatory for SEO optimization.

Free Themes – The Good
  • All the free themes support more plug-ins than the premium themes available in the WordPress database.
  • The free themes are totally free which makes them more convenient for people to use them as not everyone is ready to spend money on a start-up.
  • Various free themes offer same functionality and features as of a premium theme. You just need to filter better your choice of themes.
  • You don't have to go to a third-party website to download a theme for your site. A rich-featured theme could be easy to find in WordPress database.
  • Selecting a theme from WordPress repository for your website is recommendable as most of them have undergone a review process. Accordingly, you can choose.

Premium Themes – The Bad
  • Premium themes could be a high cost and yet still require further licensing fees in years to come. So, if you are offering only a few bucks out of your online brand, it'll be difficult for you to cut out few share every year and give it for licensing.
  • These themes don't go under any official review process. All you have is the views of other users which could be wrong at times.
  • A primary concern in choosing a premium WP theme is the fear of permanent disconnection of your theme. Yes, it can happen if your provider chooses to discontinue his product.

Free Themes – The Bad
  • They contain security vulnerabilities which could mean one day you'll wake up with a hacked website.
  • Updating free themes is quite a concern as it's most important to be in the competition. Sometimes, it takes more than a year to get an update of a free theme.
  • For support, you'll only have or theme user forums that are not good platforms to deal with the minute problems.

Free or Paid, both the themes have their concerns and advantages but selecting any of the themes would require a professional developer to make your website more engaging, user-friendly and feature-rich.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Where to Outsource your WordPress Development Services?

WordPress is the best-recommended platform if you're going for a makeover of your website, especially from scratch. It is considered as one of the most preferred open source platforms in web development space. It is because of several significant features and functionalities; it has made website design a simple and moreover an uncomplicated task.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is the best choice for the majority of users seeking a solution to create a website and manage its content in a quick and easy way. Moreover, WordPress is a niche web development platform, which enables the business owners to perform necessary optimization, so as to manage its website content on regular basis. It is also overcrowded with the myriad of eye-catching and feature-rich themes. The major advantage of using WordPress themes is that it makes the process effortless i.e. one can make use of WordPress themes without taking pains of starting from scratch.  One can use countless, ready-made themes to provide the basic design and functionality of your site.

So in order to avail the benefits of WordPress Theme Customization services, one should choose the best WordPress development company. Whether you're a marketer, ed Outsource WordPress web development educator, content creator or designer first search for a WordPress developer who bury himself in coding practice and takes every opportunity as a challenge. S/he must own a right mix of basics including accomplished manpower, advanced tools and technology.

So, to get an optimized and user-friendly website, it is best to Outsource WordPress web development services. It can help you in making an adequate profit out of online start-up trade. Moreover, it has become an essential business strategy for many companies of different business sectors.

There are a plethora of companies that you can be used to Outsource WordPress web development and avail benefits out of their services.

1. PSD to WordPress
2. Custom WordPress Development
3. WordPress Theme Customization
4. WordPress Plugin Development
5. Hire WordPress Developers
6. WordPress Website Design
7. HTML to WordPress

WordPress Theme Customization Services

One of the best parts of choosing WordPress is an ability to choose from hundreds & thousands of pre-made themes that give your website an eye-catching appearance. These ready-made themes offer the primary design and functionality for your WordPress site. There is a pool of high-quality specialist themes around the internet, and the vast majority of them offer themes that are competitively priced.

An essential logic for WordPress popularity is the repeated launch of WordPress themes, which are usually available in free and exceptional versions. Technology based strategy emphasizes to develop customer oriented WordPress Theme that shows features of cross browser compatibility and easy use. Word press theme customization services should be compatible with all business models. Making the best use of outstanding technologies and best-in-class tools helps in better WordPress theme development and customization.

Here are quick points that are required to be considered while choosing WordPress Themes.

1. Look for Simplicity
2. Responsiveness
3. Support multiple Plugins
4. Multi-Browser Compatibility & SEO friendly

After considering these points, you can make use of WordPress themes. To commence with the WordPress theme selection process first understand your requirement, and then judge the pros and cons of the theme to customize it.

Happy WordPressing!

Thursday, 11 August 2016

How to Embed Reading Progress Bar in WordPress post

Isn't it great if you're busy reading the article, but there is a Reading Progress Bar on top of your article indicating how much is left to scroll down? Has it not encouraged you reading the article? If you wish the same Reading Progress Bar in your WordPress post, then here in this post I have discussed the same.

Why do you need to add Reading Progress Bar in your WordPress

When you're involved in WordPress website development, then you must know, that the users decide in not more than 3 seconds to stay or leave your website. To keep your users engaged with your WordPress web pages, you should avoid using a long scrolling pages or long scrolling articles.

Many a times, the wesite owners add inline related posts or use videos or image galleries to enagage users on the page. In this case, a reading progress bar may add a little user interface enhancement which may encourage the user to stay longer on that page, as they have an idea how much page is left to scroll. Not only this, it also motivates the users to finish reading the article.

How to embed Reading Progress Bar 

To begin with, it install and activate the Worth The Read plugin. You may even hire a WordPress developer for its professional assistance. After activation visit Settings > Worth The Read page to setup your progress bar indicator.

Enable the reading progress bar by checking the ‘Enable’ option. Now you can select the location of your progress bar, i.e., where you want to show. There is one default option, which is displayed at the top of your WordPress website. You can change it to display either at the right or left or bottom of the page.

After deciding the location, you can choose the foreground and background colors of your progress bar to match your WordPress theme. The background color is used to fill the empty progress bar, and the foreground colour will be used to show progress as a user scrolls down.

The best part here is that the website owner can also include comments in the total length of the progress bar by revising the comments option. You can also provide here with the background color options in the comments progress area.

Last but not the least, page also gives leverage to the website owner to use a transparent background for the progress bar. However, checking this color option will overrule the background color options and will display the foreground colour option for the users while scrolling down an article. And of course, do not forget to save your changes in your store setting.

That’s all; you can now visit any single post on your website to see the progress bar in action.

Wrapping up

The reading progress bar works only for the single posts. Currently, it does not support pages and custom post types. We hope you have found the article interesting and informative too.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cash in PokemonGo's Popularity to Market your Business

Pokémon GO happens to be one of the most attractive real-time, augmented reality adventure game which is liked by the audiences. It has broken the record of 15 million download in just a few countable days. The business owners can even use this excellent application to market their products as the application uses WP Google Maps. It is quite an incredible way to develop your Pokémon GO map helping local shop owners and PokeStops to locate them in the app. 

Though we know that when it comes to the web we have important task such as HTML To WordPress conversion that requires your due attention, which is certainly not the sufficient condition as they need you to go an extra mile a market your app.   

You might be wondering about what all steps are required to create a Pokemon Go Map; then these are the following steps that can help you to do so:

Step 1:

The first step is to download as well as activate WP Google Maps for your WordPress site.

Step 2:

Then you need to buy and activate WP Google Maps Pro. This will help you to add categories, directions, markers, marker listings and several other incredible features.

Step 3:

(This is only for users in order to add their gyms or other Pokestops into your map) For this you need to purchase as well as activate your additional plugin for WP Google Maps Visitor Generated Markers. This is a great step for website visitors in order to add your markers into your map.

Step 4:

It allows us to create their own Pokemon Go Map by making use of the plugin. So, as to make your map appear as a part, then you need to click the Themes tab present within the map editor and from there get down to the Map theme of the PokemonGO.

Step 5:

Then you need to go down to the Maps -> Categories and then create categories that can mark the gyms and PokeStops. This further allows you to assign custom icons to each of the category. Then you need to move to the Map Editor and incorporate the PokeStops as well as Gyms using different marker icons.

Step 6 (optional):

The last step is to add the shortcode in your page and then publish it. Mission accomplished!

How can business owners take leverage from Pokemon Go?

It been only few days and business owners have come up with incredible ideas to take advantage of PokemonGo such as the L’inizio Pizza Bar, Manhattan-based store have created Pokémon-themed pizzas. All they have done is an investment of $10 to create a lure modules, and this accounted for a 30 percent increase in the sales of their food and drinks. Apart from this, we have an indie clothing store that has started a lure people inside using a visible sign as well as catchy art. Another business owner that has used this is the Kaleidoscope Café in Lawrenceville that started offering a 10 percent discount to those who depicted their app.

Apart from this, we have other business owners such as  Botanical Garden and Dallas Arboretum   that recognises its grounds which are great PokéStops that are attracting users. This is A Grind in California that was playing it quite an aggressive instance, that offers a fresh lure for purchasing 15 drinks.

Friday, 22 July 2016

A WordPress Platform can even vex the Users. Here's how?

WordPress is considered as a simple to buy a platform. All that one can do is to create a profile and get started. Regardless of endless opportunities of various web development platforms on the internet, WordPress is considered as exceptionally uncommon on the internet. It is fabricated with many plugins and themes which help to meet palatable results. It has powered over 25% of the world’s ten million largest websites and 59% of all websites using a CMS.

Although WordPress website development is easy, it has many shortcomings. Some are vexatious and may give an adverse effect on its users. Here is a list of shortcomings of WordPress platform:

1. Change the username and Password

WordPress website owner needs to change the initial WordPress username and password which is "Admin" as the account can be hacked very easily. The major issue here is that once the account is active, the website owner may face many hurdles in changing the username. This at times annoying. You can modify the username using the phpMyAdmin folder or by using a WordPress plugin.

2. Setting WordPress backup

WordPress is poor in the backup system. It does not have any strong backup system. The website owner have to either install different backup plugins or have to create a create a backup manually. It is very significant to maintain a backup of your WordPress website. A backup saves all your work in case of emergency of website hack. 

3. Solving Login Problems

If you forget your WordPress username or password, you might not be able to recover it and may lock you to use WP Admin account. Or sometimes, you might not be able to login into your WP account because your website is hacked.  And this can be only resolved by phpMyAdmin.

4. Getting Rid of Blank White Screen
It is a general problem that every WordPress website owner faces after installing new themes and plugins. A black and white screen may come to you, and you are unable to login to your WP-Admin. You can solve this problem with the help of FTP. At the time of troubleshooting, you may have to deactivate and activate the plugins. Now in the WP-Content folder, there will be a folder with the name Plugin, where you have to rename the folder. Then, log in to WP-Admin and change the folder name again to Plugins.

5. Frequent WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

WordPress sends its updates regularly and to prevent its website from hacking one needs to update it repeatedly. To come out of this issue, the WordPress developer can also install the plugins for automatic updates. To do it, you have to add “add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );” this code to the functions.php file of your theme. You may also select good quality themes to meet your requirement.

6. Removal of Uncategorized category

When you are looking forward to publishing any post and forgets to categorise it. The post automatically saves into a category named “Uncategorized”. To overcome this problem either rename the uncategorized folder or put the existing category into default category.

To set up the category, you will have to follow these steps:

Settings> Select writing and change the category. 

So, these were few important glitches behind WordPress, which might frustrate its users. I hope you understood and try to overcome them for easy WordPress experience.