Tuesday, 21 June 2016

WordPrax Once Again Proves Its Mettle In Web Development

The idea of outsourcing a firm for developing your business face can be quite a risky business when you have no idea of what kind of firm it is like. During my hunt to find out one of the most viable options I came across WordPrax and when I went on to meet them, I realized that the firm is quite big and recruits the best brains to deliver their projects.

Working with them was fun. WordPrax was very professional, plus they paid special attention to every aspect that was needed by the project. It has been credited it as one of the leading WordPress web development company by WordSuccor, which is leading reviewing website.

Effortless project management

One of the most daunting task was  to strike a balance while bridging the gap between technology and the materialistic needs of the website. Moreover, they also had to foster interpersonal  relation so as to get a free flowing work environment. Call it experience or whatsoever, but WordPrax nailed it and effortlessly rendered what was needed.

These people efficiently utilized WordPress as a proper opensource platform and have incorporated their creativity so as to incorporate several new things along with the development.

After getting their seamless WordPress development services, I count on WordPrax for all my needs as they offer a smooth interaction with the team on the client side, and this is something exceptional as they render the swift execution of the project and deliver quality work.

Streamline approach to services

To grow your company, you need to stay cool in the most critical conditions. To stand out this cutting edge competition, they need to provide quite an incredible WordPress solution but along with this, they must render analytics that has added some advantage in our development process.

People at WordPrax has got the talent which restricts services to one thing but comprises of a whole lot of services and also covers pre and post analytics so as to deliver incredibly unfettered development.

Comprehensive support to their client's

They offer a great deal of productivity and offer quite accessible services. The company recruits over 150 WordPress developers and offers quite a great experience to the better view when it comes to the support team and rendering an incredible overall business.

They offer 24x7 online support which is helping the clients to stay ahead of the drift by making sure to have an effective stratagem and eCommerce technology.

Embracing challenges

WordPrax has helped us to easily transform our regular WordPress website into an eCommerce platform. They have rendered quite smooth development and have made the development methodology even smoother in the first interaction.

Due to this, we were able to foster a healthy clientèle and have made the customers quite happy and have improved the productivity of the shopping platform. They also helped to give us the flexibility so as to increase the connectivity with our clients. We went to WordPrax with a bit challenging task of transforming a regular website into a full-fledged eCommerce web store.

All in all!

To leverage WordPress in its technological best form you can count of WordPrax.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How to develop a Responsive WordPress site

Imagine you're searching for some important blog on your smartphone. You tap it to open and wait for its long loading time. But unfortunately, you encounter with a poorly rendered website! How will you feel? This is often a story when blogs are poorly optimized for mobile devices. We often ignore the aspects of mobile optimization, which ultimately result in cursing your blog.

So make sure to design a responsive blog for your visitors which will never turn them off and switch the blog to the competitors website.

As everyone is well aware of the fact that WordPress is an awesome content management system for websites for all shapes and sizes. It is considered the best platform for your business. 50-60% of the WordPress share the global CMS market makes it popular CMS amongst all. According to some researchers, it has been found that in every 6 seconds new posts are published on WordPress.com blogs which mean 342 posts in every minute. 20,000 posts per day!

One of the biggest advantages of using WordPress is that it is a responsive platform. So if you're running blog on WordPress platform, your website can easily fit any device irrespective of its size. It is also easy to turn your existing WordPress theme into a responsive WordPress theme. Many WordPress plugins can convert your existing website, just as easy to switch a button.

So before you hire a professional WordPress developer and switch your website to WordPress, here are some suggestions to make your WordPress blog more responsive.

1. Use a Responsive Theme

To make your WordPress more responsive purchase a responsive theme, install and set it. You will not require any hardcore manual settings. The theme will automatically take care of all the optimization aspects.

2. Make use of WordPress free mobile plugins

If you don't have the budget to purchase a responsive theme for your WordPress, you can alternatively purchase few free mobile plugins which can help you. They’ll ensure that your blog is decently optimized for mobile devices.

Here is a list of few plugins which you can consider using.

-  WPTouch
: Million of users are already using this plugin. This plugin features WPTouch themes than your average responsive WordPress website. The free version is available in the WordPress Plugins repository. If you're ready to pay for few extra features and functions, then you may purchase its premium version for $59 per year.

- WP Mobile Detector:
It is a plugin for those users who do not use smartphones. It determines whether the user is using your WordPress blog on its smartphone or standard mobile phone. It already has seven pre-installed themes, great analytics and has more than 5,000 smartphones.

- WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0: This is an excellent plugin and offers a different feeling to its users. It publishes your existing content on various devices, operating system, and platforms. It is a readymade them with six abstract covers and a responsive interface.

3. Navigation is Key

You may consider navigation in your designing. The navigation is important to the look and feels of your site. It is especially worth considering with mobile, because of the size and making it easy to select items with your fingertip. Too large and the design will seem clunky; too small and it will be difficult to make selections.

Converting your WordPress website into responsive is not a big deal. All one requires to create a responsive WordPress website is to make proper planning, selection of responsive theme and plugin for the website.