Friday, 22 July 2016

A WordPress Platform can even vex the Users. Here's how?

WordPress is considered as a simple to buy a platform. All that one can do is to create a profile and get started. Regardless of endless opportunities of various web development platforms on the internet, WordPress is considered as exceptionally uncommon on the internet. It is fabricated with many plugins and themes which help to meet palatable results. It has powered over 25% of the world’s ten million largest websites and 59% of all websites using a CMS.

Although WordPress website development is easy, it has many shortcomings. Some are vexatious and may give an adverse effect on its users. Here is a list of shortcomings of WordPress platform:

1. Change the username and Password

WordPress website owner needs to change the initial WordPress username and password which is "Admin" as the account can be hacked very easily. The major issue here is that once the account is active, the website owner may face many hurdles in changing the username. This at times annoying. You can modify the username using the phpMyAdmin folder or by using a WordPress plugin.

2. Setting WordPress backup

WordPress is poor in the backup system. It does not have any strong backup system. The website owner have to either install different backup plugins or have to create a create a backup manually. It is very significant to maintain a backup of your WordPress website. A backup saves all your work in case of emergency of website hack. 

3. Solving Login Problems

If you forget your WordPress username or password, you might not be able to recover it and may lock you to use WP Admin account. Or sometimes, you might not be able to login into your WP account because your website is hacked.  And this can be only resolved by phpMyAdmin.

4. Getting Rid of Blank White Screen
It is a general problem that every WordPress website owner faces after installing new themes and plugins. A black and white screen may come to you, and you are unable to login to your WP-Admin. You can solve this problem with the help of FTP. At the time of troubleshooting, you may have to deactivate and activate the plugins. Now in the WP-Content folder, there will be a folder with the name Plugin, where you have to rename the folder. Then, log in to WP-Admin and change the folder name again to Plugins.

5. Frequent WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

WordPress sends its updates regularly and to prevent its website from hacking one needs to update it repeatedly. To come out of this issue, the WordPress developer can also install the plugins for automatic updates. To do it, you have to add “add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );” this code to the functions.php file of your theme. You may also select good quality themes to meet your requirement.

6. Removal of Uncategorized category

When you are looking forward to publishing any post and forgets to categorise it. The post automatically saves into a category named “Uncategorized”. To overcome this problem either rename the uncategorized folder or put the existing category into default category.

To set up the category, you will have to follow these steps:

Settings> Select writing and change the category. 

So, these were few important glitches behind WordPress, which might frustrate its users. I hope you understood and try to overcome them for easy WordPress experience.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Handy Tips for PSD to WordPress eCommerce Conversion

We are well aware of the fact that  WordPress is  not dedicated for creating e-commerce websites, its has features such as search engine optimization code and layout, secure design, tools for building user-friendly websites, ample lot of  plugins as well as themes, and updating the WordPress platform, are incredible reasons due to which WordPress can said to be quite an essential CMS that helps in creating websites. 

Along with this WordPress has is very popular and offers quite an incredible community that supports you,  plus you get to create user-friendly customization which is making it easy for the designers as well as developers to convert optimal PSD to WordPress websites.

You need to create a WordPress e-commerce website to create a custom design which is not a very difficult a process for those who are well aware of the features of WordPress, such as plugins, features, themes, as well as CSS. 

Here I have shared some tricks, tips, and resources that one can use so as to create a WordPress e-commerce website.

Responsive e-commerce website

As we know that the growing Smartphone as well as mobile device market, we can see that there are very less people who are making use of small screen devices to access Internet.

Those who wish to have a flourishing e-commerce website need to have quite an advisable so as to make it compatible using all types of screens that allows you to view optimally using all type of mobile device.

A responsive layout is quite easy to make your website work easily on all kind of screens so as to make sure the website has an optimally displayed on devices of all types. To make a responsive website, one can make use of several ways.

Use Child Theme

WordPress is quite an updated platform. This is important because with each passing year it is creating new standard of web technology and with each passing year people get to discover a loophole in the security of the software.

Therefore for a WordPress e-commerce website, it is quite important for you to update the status of your website to ensure the security of the website.  Apart from being up-to-date, the latest web standards offer benefits to improve the search engines.

A major problem with WordPress themes is that one needs to update them more often to match the latest standards to ensure compatibility using the current WordPress software. However, this is quite a difficult process for not only the developers but also non-technical users.

Pre-built themes offers quite a comprehensive developer support, for instance, the default Responsive and WordPress themes, that one can regularly update as per WordPress software, and therefore you need to make sure that whether they are compatible to the updated version of WordPress.

Therefore one of the most incredible solution for creating custom themes is that it gets automatically updated by using child theme using regularly updated or default WordPress themes. These child themes are quite not difficult for those who can easily understand CSS and making of WordPress theme.

Plugins that we have for an e-commerce website

As we know that WordPress was not designed to cater e-commerce business, therefore to make an e-commerce website you might require other additional plugins. Therefore, you need to make sure that you install all kinds of required plugin for your website. We have plugins such as WP E-Commerce, Ready- Ecommerce, Woo-Commerce, Eshop, PayPal Shopping Cart and several others.

Wrapping up!

Developing an incredible WordPress website requires you to possess the knowledge and experience to create better user experience. Moreover, to beat the competition you need to have a deep insight about the market.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

WordPrax helps us be a customer-centric company

WordPrax team innovation & professional approach assisted us to build WordPress theme & plugin with advanced customized features & high-security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by WordPrax team to make our project successful and nurtured with great support.

After searching and interacting with so many companies for converting PSD to WordPress theme, Here is why we have built trust on WordPrax.

1. Results that are out of this world

WordPrax has delivered us bug-free work that exceeded our expectation. They've delivered masterful designs and laid the content in a way that has unquestionably attracted many potential users. The increasing number of downloads and a number of visitors itself apparent about their design and accurate delivery. They have clearly demonstrated that they have the technical expertise, experience and high level of customer service.

2. Quick Customer service

We have chosen WordPrax because we needed a solution that would let it bring together of all its support channels and easily scale over the time period. It has also offered us the best cost-effective solution 24x7 with online support thus helping us to be a top notch among other WordPress development companies. I personally love their project management process with weekly deliverables. 

3. Scaling during busy time

WordPrax easily handles the large case of volume each month and has closed more than 50k since it first was established. The company easily ascends to meet demand and works together to assist clients. From the day of execution of our project, till delivery, WordPrax supported us completely and maintained consistency to the quality of the project. It is completely customer-centric company is was the major reason why it has competitive advantages.

All in all, I can say, they are professionals and understand the concept very well. I appreciate for their fast responsiveness and look forward to working with them again in the future once this project.