Tuesday, 29 November 2016

What Makes WordPress An Ideal CMS For A Small Business

There is no denying of the fact that WordPress is the best content management system available today with unmatched performance and value added services. Initially powering many big brands like CNN, PlayStation, People Magazine and Ford, WordPress has become a synonym for success in the digital world.

With more than 200 million WordPress websites running on the internet, it is for sure that WordPress is for everyone. Especially for smaller businesses, where a strict budget has to be followed, WordPress is the ideal choice for web solutions. WordPress website development has made it possible to get tremendous results from the website with minimum efforts. Read along to know some of the exquisite features of WordPress :

Easy To Use

WordPress doesn't need an expert supervision to handle the web contents. You do not need any technical knowledge or programming skills to manage your website when you have WordPress.

With just a few clicks, one can make instant changes like load new content, edit the existing one, add images, add new fields and much more.

Unlike going in the fuss of programming and what not to update the website as in other content management features, WordPress proves out to be much more economical and efficient.

Easy To Manage

The best part about WordPress is that it is a browser-based platform. Which means that it is not bound to the main server. You can login to the backend of the website from your smartphone or any computer around the world.

You do not have to wait for the developer to edit the content of the website as you can do it whenever you want. Moreover, it is possible to have multiple admins for a single website and assign them with different levels of authorization.

So, an admin for design can make changes in the design part of the site, without affecting other functions. Changes can be made on the go, which is unimaginable with any other content management system.

WordPress Is Search Engine Optimized

Basically made as a tool for blogging, WordPress has built-in features to optimize the ranking of the website. WordPress generates the relevant keywords for meta descriptions, headings, titles and content.

This helps the search engines to index the website in the desired domain. The website gets recognized and ultimately the website is able to achieve prime rankings.

Incomparable Plugins And Extensions

The true potential of WordPress can be realized with the help of plugins and extensions. For every kind of website optimization and maintenance, there is a readily available extension or a plugin.

If you wish to add features like social media sharing, feedback and reviews, payment checkouts, calenders etc, all you need to do is install a plugin. The best part is that these plugins and extensions synchronize automatically with the layout of the website.


WordPress is an all-in-one solution for firms looking out for cheap and effective alternatives to enhance their business. With its amazing features, WordPress has become the primary choice for blogging as well as non blogging websites.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Why custom WP development is becoming famous in web sphere?

Today digital marketing has steered past all the traditional marketing strategies. Almost all the business enterprises are going online so that they can reach out to millions in a hassle-free manner. Not only firms but people are also using various web technologies to stay in touch with web world. As organisations are moving to a virtual environment, the internet marketing sector is growing at a very rapid pace.

New technologies are launched now and then. Every latest development is helping businesses in establishing their strong and powerful presence on the internet. WordPress is one such platform which is has gained a lot of popularity these days. With the assistance of a reliable and highly skilled Wordpress developer, you can quickly develop a robust site for the users. The primary reason behind the popularity of WP is that it has an easy to use architecture and a broad assortment of themes, plugins etc.

You cannot deny the fact that WP is a great platform which can support an eStore, corporate site and a blog. Still, there are times when you need something more advanced and for that, you can opt for custom WP development services in which you can get anything designed as per your requirements. Here is the few reason which makes WP a popular choice of any firm:

Superb Flexibility:
WordPress comes loaded with pretty features and that too right out of the box. Just make sure that you opt for the best Wordpress CMS development service provider who will help you explore all the inbuilt and add-on functionalities of WP so that you can make the most out of its flexibility.

Highly Customizable:

All the WordPress powered sites can be customized to meet the individual needs. In fact, WP is known as the best CMS system in terms of customization. By using plugins, shortcodes and widgets, one can easily get a site customized from a professional. You can also develop various themes/templates from scratch.

Search Engine Friendly:

Sites based on the WP CMS system highly search engine friendly. It doesn't matter you install an SEO plugin or not, but these sites will still run comfortably on the web. WP sites are quite easy to list on the SERPs (search engine results page). The search bots can quickly index and fetch the site if a user feeds in a particular keyword on Google, Yahoo or Bing. By adding Meta tags, descriptions, title, etc. to every page a user can make his site more SEO-friendly.

Social Media Friendly:

When it comes to online promotion, social media plays a pivotal role in enhancing the product exposure. Millions of people have joined social media sites and it has become really easy to pitch them by deploying efficient social media marketing strategies. A social media-friendly site allows users to share your site' content on different platforms.

In this article, you will read few reasons that make WordPress site development services most popular in the web sphere.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Convert your PSD design into WP theme: 5 easy steps

Creating the internet site needs two most important things; the first one is the attractive looks and the second point is functionalities. If one of these elements is missing from the site, then your portal won't be able to survive in this ever changing internet market. Today most of the people are choosing CMS system for the web development.

Individuals who don't have much knowledge about coding prefer WordPress platform for their website development projects. WP is based on the open-source technology because of which millions of people can use it. By opting for PSD to WordPress conversion services you can give your site a unique outlook and easy navigation. Given below are five concrete steps that will help you in carrying out this customization:

Step 1: Slicing PSD

This is the first phase in the PSD conversion. Slicing means to cut and divide an image file into multiple design files. Each file contains different design components related to the overall layout. By cutting the PSD design, you will make it lighter & easier to convert to HTML codes. A website has multiple images sewn together seamlessly.

Step 2: Creating Index.html and style.css

The next step is to start coding the sliced images into HTML & XHTML format and then further style it by using CSS. To carry out this process successfully a developer should possess in-depth knowledge of both CSS & HTML. Usually, coders use web development software like Dreamweaver and Fireworks for this task, but again it is up to the developer who decides to choose whichever software they like.

Step 3: Break index.html according to WordPress theme file structure

The whole WordPress site is based on the theme which is uploaded in the WP software. Thus the primary concern of the coder is to convert the PSD design in the right manner so that the theme can function properly. Moreover, you can also add different features and functionalities to that theme with the help of WP tools, plugins & extensions.

Step 4: Adding WordPress tags

The best thing about WP is that it comes with hundreds of inbuilt functions that are designed to make the WP powered site bigger & better. All you have to do is to add function tags in the theme files that will help you get the desired functionality. And the rest of things will be handled by the WP.

Step 5: Adding functionalities

Now that you have finally created and activated the theme, its time that you add desired features to your site. You can install different plugins in your site and can modify any existing functionality. You can also configure any setting of the WP with the help of user-friendly admin dashboard.


WordPress is such an amazing CMS system that even the people with a little bit of technical knowledge can also use it to build feature-rich websites for their individual and business needs.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Why You Need HTML To WordPress Template Conversion TODAY!

What makes WordPress the best CMS is that it is so easy to use. Along with the simplicity of WordPress, it is an advanced system which, with a little bit of knowledge and tweaking, can be made into a powerful tool to do incredible things. By considering a few of the websites that are powered by WordPress as a content management system (CMS) it can be testified that WordPress makes website building easier, but never limits with the variations you can do.
If you have a website based on an HTML design which was created in Photoshop, you need to know that it is not browser friendly. Therefore, to make the current HTML design more efficient, (for both website users as well as search engines), it is a must to convert it to other convenient templates acceptable by various search engines and web browsers. By converting the HTMLto WordPress, i.e. a template with W3C compliant codes, you improve the scalability of your website. At the same time, you also get to retain the design capabilities. The HTML to premium WordPress coding services offer great solutions to web site developers as it allows them to create custom designs and themes to meet the unique requirements of the website.

WordPress is today emerging as the most desired content management system for all the good reasons. Thanks to the comprehensive built-in features like registration and more, one does not need to be a pro to manage a website. With instant user registration, website owners get the privilege to register in the WordPress open-source content management system and communicate to back end.
Professional firms which provide services to convert HTML templates to WordPress are in huge demand nowadays. Such services are capable of delivering custom web applications based on the individual client requirements. These WordPress website development based web applications are highly scalable because they are cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. The highly semantic coding makes them more search engine friendly as well as lightweight.
With the rising popularity of WordPress, the demand for HTML to WordPress conversion services is rising with every passing day. Even in the future, WordPress will retain a clear lead from every other content management systems. Currently 6 out of 10 Web sites on the internet depends on WordPress as their content management system.
This number is likely to grow tenfold as many more businesses and individuals are realizing the benefits of WordPress in the long run. And for all the upcoming websites, WordPress conversions from other templates will be the only way out.
With the help of skilled and affordable HTML to responsive WordPress conversion services, you can get a professional web site which is free from various design complexities. The design which is sliced and hand coded from HTML into a compatible WordPress theme will attract search engine spiders as well as new visitors quickly.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Why you need a service provider for WooCommerce themes?

WooCommerce is famous for its robust eCommerce plugins designed and developed for WordPress CMS system. With the support of WooCommerce plugins, you can build up a dynamic, SEO ready, highly functional and a top-notch eStore for your business. These plugins are compatible with all the WP themes & templates. Seeing the growing popularity of WooCommerce, millions of eShop owners have installed these plugins on their websites. Moreover, these plugins are backed up by the team of experienced developers and receive regular updates.

Why You Need It?

Before starting the actual process i.e. looking out for Wordpress theme development firm, you first have to chalk out your requirements and budget. Every eStore owner wants to deploy active plugins & theme for their portal. With WooCommerce extensions you can surely make your online store more engaging.

Given below are the few features of WooCommerce plugins:

  •     It makes your site more responsive than ever before.
  •     It offers additional security to keep your eCommerce website safe.
  •     Even a non-techie can also maintain and operate these plugins.
  •     You can also add payment modes & gateways in your online store.
  •     WooCommerce plugins have user-oriented mechanism
  •     These plugins will also boost your overall business.

Success Rate

Developing a successful portal is only possible when you hire the services of an experienced and reliable Wordpress eCommerce web development company. While looking out for the service provider, the first thing you need to confirm is the market reputation of the firm. A company with high success rate will provide you with an excellent portal without compromising on the quality of services.

Experience & Expertise

Every firm owner wants his business to reach new heights and achieve great success. With the help of an eCommerce portal, you can quickly reach out to your potential customers in a hassle-free manner. Hiring a right service provider is quite essential, especially when it comes to integrating WP plugins. Therefore, it will be good that you look out for someone who has plenty of experience in handling WooCommerce based plugins. Make sure you confirm this thing, before sending your web development project.

Quality Services Vs Cost-effectiveness

It is the most important point that you must bear in mind while browsing for WooCommerce development services. Most of the web owners think that hiring expensive developers will help them grab high-quality services, but it is not the case every time. Today you can hire offshore firms which offer fantastic features at a fraction of costs. You can take help of the internet in locating the best service provider for your web development project.


When it comes to hiring someone for developing a website make sure you appoint that firm which is very well aware of the technicalities involved in the development process. You can easily find out the best company that can cater your need of having a multi-functional, high-end, and dynamic e-commerce site powered by the WooCommerce plugins.