Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Keynotes For HTML To WordPress Conversion

In order to prevail the cut-throat online competition, you need to keep your website up-to-the-minute to meet the needs of your viewers. For webmasters, there is no alternate to update the site with every possible element or technology that may give an edge to the website. If you are looking for a better and reliable way to eliminate the need of hand-coding in HTML, you should switch to WordPress content management system.

Analyzing the trend of hiring HTML to WordPress conversion services around the world will certainly motivate to migrate to WordPress. Given the ease of usage and the potential to dominate the web, opting for WordPress CMS completely makes sense. But before you flag off the migration, you must know the nuts and bolts of the platforms.

Most of the elements of your website have HTML code. WordPress, although written in PHP, includes snippets of HTML and CSS. In this article, we will discuss the crucial factors to keep in mind during the WordPress migration.

After getting your HTML based website switched to WordPress, you might face some technical glitches. A common issue is the need to change your website’s URL. In this case, it is always advised to consult a professional WordPress programmer for using the 301 redirects for the website URL. This step needs to be followed carefully. Changing your old URL to a new one will ensure that you are able to retain your old links, which direct the visitors to the web pages you want.

In the HTML pages, you might have added some backlinks or internal links to other websites or pages of the same site. Linking is done to provide all the necessary information to the users as well as boost the website rankings. It also plays a major role in attracting the search engines towards the website.

So, if you wish to retain your navigation in the new WordPress template and use links the same way you were using in HTML, make sure that the new pages have an equal number of internal links. Therefore, it is always advised to audit the navigation and internal linking during the conversion process.

If your HTML website did not feature engaging content, it is one of the key reasons why you could not achieve much organic traffic. Hence, while you migrate your website from HTML to a dynamic WordPress template, add engaging content as well as infographics for the users.

Finally, it is important to ensure that the content is placed precisely on the web pages. Remember, do not over-board your content with a lot of keywords. Instead, write useful content with precise keywords to avoid spamming and target your audience effectively.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Renovate Your Website With PSD To WordPress Conversion

It’s not been that long since WordPress was introduced in 2003. Though, the platform gained immense popularity really quickly. The reason was simple - no other platform could offer such amazing plugins and extension to make a website. Also, the functioning of WordPress was super easy and easily understood by non-techs in the field. But for someone who has the design ready in PSD format needs the help of a professional to convert the file into WordPress.

The PSD to WordPress theme conversion is important because PSD format files are not possible to access over the web. In this case, WordPress becomes a highly efficient platform to go for.

Being responsive and flexible is also a highlighted feature of this platform. Where in a time only professional designers and developers could prepare a website for you, WordPress gave you the option to do it all yourself. Not everyone is familiar with the design language and here is when WordPress came as a blessing for business owners and entrepreneurs.

How to convert a PSD files to WordPress?

1. Organize

PSD files are widely used as they maintain the transparency of work and the conversion results are better. To organize these PSD files is the first step taken by a professional web developer.

2. Slicing and Coding

The PSD file needs to be divided into different layers. The step is called Slicing the files. From images to menu tab, multiple images are sliced before the coder starts working on the HTML for the website. For an effective WordPress conversion, this is done for every web page on the website.

3. Extras and Debugging

By collecting all the CSS, template and program function files in one folder, the programmer checks for errors and other function. This is the testing phase of the website where each and every function is analyzed thoroughly and debugged. The compatibility and performance of the website are also the websites is also tested and changes are made in the HTML file.

If you are skeptical about the WordPress conversion and want to know why this conversion is best for your website, read on:
  • WordPress conversion makes your website responsive and visually appealing from all measures.
  • Targets a wide audience and results in better conversions for your business.
  • The transition by PSD to HTML looks better and results in pixel perfect design for your WordPress website.
  • WordPress website has better compatibility with cross browsers.
  • WordPress themes converted from PSD files perform better in Search Engines and have better conversions rather than an ordinary theme website.
  • PSD to WordPress conversion done by professional guarantees your support 24X7 as it is hand coded. This is very useful if you are a non-programmer.


A web support by a professional is very important for a non-programmer. The unusual behavior of your website can have a direct impact on the business and sales. If you don’t want to miss on that and lose money, always ask for PSD to WordPress conversion by experts.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Understanding The Basics Of WordPress Permalinks

The WordPress content management system is dominating the web sphere ever since it came into existence. The platform features in-built SEO compatible tools for enabling a website rank higher in search engine rankings. Besides enhancing the visibility, WordPress is beefed up with all the advanced tools for making an updated website.

While working with WordPress, it is important to know that the default permalink structure tags are not precise enough and may have a negative impact on your website rankings. You may hire WordPress developer to generate SEO friendly permalinks as these are what the visitors type in the search bar to reach your website.

The search engine gives preference to those WordPress websites which use SEO optimized peramlink structures for names, date, etc. Depending upon the need, you can make any kinds of changes in the permalinks, which will also change the URL of the concerned blog or article.

Along with the default permalink structure, all the other permalink structures are SEO optimized and help in indexing the website on top of the search results. For letting the webmasters make the most out if these permalink structures, WordPress allows the usage of at least 10 permalink tags. Among these, 5 of the highly used and popular tags are:

Post Name

This is one of the highly used permalink structures tags used by WordPress site admins. The post name permalink will help you in creating URLs which are short and easy to remember.

Day And Name

The day and name permalink structure is ideal for a WordPress website which updates it content multiple times a day, such as an E-Commerce website. Using day and name tags makes it easier to find out the date on which a particular content was published.

Category And Name

If your WordPress website is loaded with information and content, it is always advised to make a hierarchical structure which can display the content of your WordPress website. This will help your visitors know about the certain category they are on. By using it in the permalink structure, you will be able to add the maximum keywords into your URL. So, it becomes one of the preferred permalink structure for getting the website indexed.

Month And Name

This is among the popular options for permalinks used by professional WordPress webmasters. Like the day structure tags, you can use the month and name permalinks to create URLs containing relatively shorter characters.

Custom Structure

If you want to add a permalink structure of your choice, you can add it in this option. For example,


The WordPress permalink structure is the URL of a website which is used by the visitors to access the posts and other web pages. The permalinks should always be SEO friendly, which can help a website rank higher in its category.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Why hire WordPrax Ltd for WordPress development services?

A recently conducted market survey shows that the constant growth and advancement in the content management system has led to the development of the effective solutions which help in gaining a competitive edge. At present, there are several CMS software in the market but WordPress is the best among all. It offers pretty good functionalities which are the primary reason behind its popularity.

Eventually, PSD to Wordpress theme conversion services has become the real picture because of the superb benefits offered by the WP CMS. Launched in the year 2003, WordPress only offered the blog posting interface, but soon it shifted to the content management system and today WordPress is powering approx 38% of the sites which are currently live on the World Wide Web.

Why hire WordPrax Ltd for WP development?

WordPrax Ltd is a leading WordPress development company which is famous for its quality work and affordable prices. Started from the scratch ten years ago, WordPrax Ltd now successfully owns the certification of ISO 9001 standards. They have more than, 4500 customers across the globe which include both small and big-sized firms.

Till now WordPrax Ltd has delivered over 50,000 projects and is known as one of the best offshore development company. Being the leading firm in this sector, WordPrax Ltd not only possesses latest tools in their arsenal but also has a team of 350+ dedicated and extremely talented Wordpress developer who are capable of delivering innovative solutions that too in a stipulated timeframe.

The best thing about WordPrax Ltd is the round the clock services they offer. This means that you get in touch with them anytime you want. With more than 10+ years of industry exposure, their developers are well-versed with all the components which are required in building a visually appealing website that too as per your business requirements.

The developers working at WordPrax Ltd are adept with latest industry standards and technologies. You should hire them to fuel your business for continuous expansion. Their company guarantees quality rich solutions that too without going over your budget. The reason WordPrax Ltd is able to offer to such great solutions is because they deploy tried and tested policies which have zero chances of failure.

By hiring WordPrax you would be getting the real value of your investment with their competitive prices services characterized by robustness, scalability and reliability. Being a leading development company, they ensure that their customers get more than they have asked for. In addition to this, they are also now offering 25% of the first order. Apart from that their hourly hiring services start from $15.

In case you wish to browse through their portfolio you can visit Their company ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction with the connective development process. From PSD to WordPress conversion to custom theme development and plugin deployment, WordPrax Ltd specializes in all sorts of WordPress development process. All you need to do is to share your requirements with their experts and rest of the work would be done by them.