Wednesday, 26 October 2016

3 Best Ways To Change Default “Admin” Username In WordPress

WordPress is the most well-known Content Management Systems worldwide. But WordPress is an open source web application and it's free. This means everyone has access to its programming codes. This enables hackers to try out new breaching strategies.

Typically WordPress website development is quite safe and protected if you use some security steps to keep hackers away from your site. The very first thing hackers try out is to login to the website through the default username. So, one must change the username as soon as possible. Here are the best 3 ways of doing it.

From PHPMyAdmin

The default username can also be changes from the cPanel and PHPMyAdmin. For doing this, login to your cPanel and click on PHPMyAdmin. Here you can see various database. Select the database in which your blog is being hosted.

Now look at the left hand side. You will see a list displaying all the tables of the database. Here, click on “wp_users”. Now select the user name you want to edit. Change the user_login field to the desired name and click on “GO”. Now, go back to the website and log in using the new user name you just edited. You can consult your WordPress developer if you are not sure of something.

Using Plugins

Some people find it uncomfortable to get into PHPMyAdmin and do anything. Do not worry. The best alternative for them is to install some plugins that are available for this task and change the default user name. Some of these plugins are specifically designed to make modifications in the user name. The best three plugins for the task are:

  • Sucuri Security
  • Username Changer
  • Admin Renamer Extended

Sucuri Security
This is a complex plugin which does more than changing the default username. The plugin keeps a check on the site for malware or spyware and prevents brute attacks from hackers trying to enter the backend of the server. One of the options of this plugin is to check whether or not you have changed the default username, which is “admin”.  If so, it gives options to change the username instantly.

Admin Renamer Extended
As the name goes, this plugin allows you to change the default “admin” name. It can also be used to change username of other admins. Admin Renamer Extended is a multi site compatible plugin.

Username Changer
This is also a simple functioning plugin that can be used to change the default username. The plugin updates the username if it is similar to the username.

Creating A New User

One more easy and conventional way of changing the default username is by creating a new user with the admin rights. Go to the dashboard and select Users>> add new user.

Now you will have the fields to add the information about the new user. Enter the data as required. Remember to add a different email id this time. 

Once all the info has been added, log out from the website. Log in with the new username and delete the old user account with the name “ admin”. Now, WordPress will ask you what you want to do with the content of “admin” account. Simply assign it to the new account you just created.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Five best themes for creating WP based corporate website

In today's tech-driven world, a website has become a powerful online marketing tool which has made business promotion easy and hassle-free. With the help of a business or corporate website you can quickly get in touch with your potential clients & customers spread across the different geographical boundaries. Nowadays building a website is not only easy but affordable too. There are plenty of CMS systems available on the internet which you can use to powering your business site.

WordPress is one of the most reliable and easy to use CMS system available in the market. Thanks to its open-source technology and WordPress theme development services, WordPress offers each and every feature that helps in building fantastic corporate sites. The WP theme directory is loaded with plenty of beautiful and fully-functional themes that will help you create a website that will help you gain an edge over your market competition. Given below is the list of Five best themes which you can use for your corporate website:


It is one of the most powerful WP themes which will help you create a dynamic business site. The best thing about this theme is that it allows you to sample the content by trying different demos. Moreover, you can also customize these demo styles without spending a dime. The Specular theme comes with 28 demo templates which you can use as per your requirement. In case you face any issue while using this theme, you can refer to the documentation, or can directly contact the Support Forum who will help you sort out any technical & non-technical issue.


This theme is technologically advanced and offers incredibly flexible, fluid, dynamic and highly responsive design that will help you create a multipurpose business website. The Infinite theme is designed in such a manner that it can quickly take on an endless range of usage cases and website applications. Besides this, this theme also comes pre-loaded with dozens of purposeful demo sites and templates that will help you quickly set up your site.

X– The Theme

A well-designed and dynamic theme which offers multiple designs and templates. In this theme bundle, you will have four unique designs and a large pack of features that will surely enhance the versatility and value of your site. X- The theme is compatible with all the web browsers and also offers mobile responsive design. The theme bundle comes with extensive documentation which consists of the vast amount of information about the theme and its features.

Zerif PRO

If you want to build a clean, modern and professional looking WP powered business site then, Zerif PRO will help you accomplish this task. This theme comes with smooth CSS3 animations that will allow you present the website content in a proper manner. The best thing about Zerif PRO is that it's highly SEO friendly and helps in bringing an adequate amount of traffic towards the site.


Melinda is a dynamic, easy to use, lightweight and highly responsive theme which can be utilized for building professional & multipurpose internet sites. This theme comes loaded with right tools that will help you create a powerful impression in this progressive web-sphere. By adding few user-friendly plugins in this theme, you can quickly set up and customize your website as per the latest trends.


With a website, you can quickly get in touch with global clients & customers. It will be good that you opt for the best theme which is easy to use & attractive website that will attract right amount of web traffic and leads to higher sales conversion.