Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Things to consider while opting for HTML to PSD conversion

The best way to give a new outlook to your dull and static HTML based website is by shifting it to WordPress. In this highly competitive & dynamic marketplace, it has become essential to have user-friendly & easy to manage website. With WordPress, you will be able to enjoy unlimited possibilities and will have access to the world's best web development platforms. 

WordPress comes loaded with many tools which are helpful for creating, editing & managing all the posts, comments, pages, categories, images and tags that you will add to your portal. Importing the static HTML to WordPress has proven to be very fruitful for the site owners. This conversion process has also led to the rise in demand for web developers. By converting your old, dull & boring HTML based site to WordPress, you will give your customers a better portal to browse through.     

In this article, you will read three different options that you can choose before converting your HTML site into WordPress:

1. A complete re-design of your static HTML website (including content)

As per this option, you can give your website a complete makeover which includes content too. You can get your portal re-designed from scratch, add new content, dynamic templates & plugins and give your static HTML based site a new outlook. In this, you can opt for moving all your web pages to the WordPress theme or template. Given below is the list of things that you will witness after opting for this option.
  • Better website navigation
  • Proper positioning of re-directs that will make your site bug-free & will help your site function in better manner
  • Proper installation of site on the server
  • Seamless testing of the site on the web server

2. Creating a database only WordPress site

According to this option, you can create a basic WordPress database for your existing HTML-based portal. This simple database will consist of your existing web content and a general website navigation system. You will get a simple looking website that will have basic functionality, just like your old site. Given below are the things that will be covered in this conversion process:
  • Simple compilation of site body content
  • No sidebars and forms
  • The WordPress database will be loaded into site sub-directory
  • Seamless testing of the site on the server
  • Necessary redirects that will lead to error-free site functioning of your site

3. A complete re-design of your HTML site (without content)

In this third option of HTML to WordPress conversion, you can opt for complete makeover your static HTML website without changing the content placed on it. In this process, a new WP theme will be created which will match the look and feel your current HTML site. Given below are the features you can enjoy by opting for this option:
  • Improved site navigation
  • Addition of re-directs essential for the hassle-free website functioning
  • Proper merging of graphics & various other designs contained within the web pages
  • Bloat-free handling of various of web forms
  • Error-free handling of dynamic content placed on the website


The above-written three options will help you in converting your simple & static HTML based site into an appealing and user-friendly portal which will surely help you connect with new clients & customers.

Friday, 23 September 2016

Maintain your WP site for the smooth functioning of business

The advent of the internet has made this world a global village. It has become easy for any person to gain knowledge of different fields using the internet. The acquisition of merely theoretical knowledge will not help the person in building an efficient blog or website. It will be good that you check out two or three content management systems and choose the best one which suits your requirement. 
WordPress is one of the best and highly reliable CMS system available today. It is widely used by bloggers and website developers to design attractive & feature-rich portals and blogs as per the client's requirements. It is said that almost 70% of websites which are live on the internet are powered by WordPress. The best thing about WP is its WordPress plugin development services which allow users to come up with different plugins for their portal. 
If you want your WP based site to function smoothly, and your visitors have a superior usage experience, then it is quite essential that you maintain your portal on the regular basis. If you are not maintaining your site on regular intervals, then such ignorance will lead to several problems and loose existing & potential customers is one of them. Today there are plenty of unique and feature-rich websites live on the internet so it will be that you maintain & update your website so that your customers don't shift to any other site. 
Besides losing customers, your website will also face issues like poor web traffic, reduction of sales, and much more. If you are not able to maintain your website, then you can hire the services of a reliable WP developer or company which usually have a team of experts who look after all these tasks. 

Through simple Google search, you will be able to quickly locate the best firms that offer affordable web development & maintenance services. WP development services include:
  • Customised Websites that come loaded with spam-free content, HD images & other data.
  • Installation and configuration of the website on a reliable web server
  • Migration of old website on WordPress
  • Complimentary WordPress blog development.
  • Development of customized WP theme, plug-ins or modules that will improve sites functionalities.
  • Functionality extension by adding things like an event calendar, video gallery, slideshows, etc.
  • Maintaining a balance between server run & load time during heavy web traffic.
  • A presentable website with a professional touch.
  • Pocket-friendly solutions.
  • Tried and tested methodology
  • Informative and spam-free content.
  • Unleashing the actual business values.
  • Mobile-friendly website development
Once the website is launched now, it's time to maintain and upgrade it as per the latest standards. Almost all the WP development companies also offer comprehensive WordPress support services at the same price. 

The support services usually consists of a package deal which includes:
  • Regular updations of your site to keep it safe from hackers.
  • Complete back-up of the website so that you can reuse the data in case of any database crash.
  • Reducing the risk of losing data and data base corruption by deploying efficient database management strategies.
  • Regular monitoring of the website
  • Deploying effective measures to keep your portal secure from malicious attacks & spyware
  • Regular Performance scans
  • Proper E-mail support
  • Monthly report of the site's performance
  • Spam and revisions cleanup
  • Manual updates (only if the automatic update fails)
  • Check for hidden admin accounts
  • Survey of login limits to restrict unauthorized logins
  • Check for unwanted files, disabled plugins and themes
  • Migration of the website to a new host
This article consists of few services that you will get from a WP developer and maintenance service provider. To keep your website function smooth it will be good that you get your site updated on the regular basis that too by professionals.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Themes For Customization To Get The Desired Website!

Ah, the same website!

How many of you out there wrestle to get a unique design of your website? If you have a hard time developing a site that is different and comely than the other sites available for the same niche as yours, it's possible that you haven't heard about customization of plugins and themes.

Many developers will help you do the customization, and if you are proficient with WordPress technology, it'll be easier for you to try your hands to customize WordPress Theme development process. Not only Themes but you can also customize the plugins that have high impact in providing the desired look and feel to the website. Before you do that by yourself or get it done by developers, it is imperative to know what are the right Themes that can easily be tailored and what are the plugins perfectly suitable to your website.

5 Themes Best-Known For Their Customization Features

1) Spirit

Spirit is one of the best Themes of WordPress and certainly the one to gush over. It already has some built-in features like choice typography and beautiful imagery but by using popular WordPress drag and drop technology, you can convert it to what you admire the most. So, whether its videos, images, text, maps, galleries or sliders, you can manage with just the flick of a switch,

You can try its demo version for fourteen days.

2) Squirrel

This Theme looks fantastic on all the devices that make its content easier to be read by users. You can customize the featured images, header, background, primary color style and much more to hand out your users with an engaging platform.

This Theme comes with a price of only $59.

3) BizSphere

This Theme features two pre-made color schemes and two logo section layout along with two-page layouts and social media symbols. Not only this but it includes all other essential customization features such as the right sidebar, sticky post feature, threaded comments and much more.

Yiu can avail this Theme free of cost and spend the saved money on its development for a more user-friendly website.

4) Mantra

If you want a profusion of features, Mantra is the theme that you should opt. With responsiveness to all the mobile devices, this Theme supports more than a hundred customization. Some of them are animated slider, left or right sidebar, maps, custom backgrounds, sliders and blog layout. It also includes choices for threaded comments and sticky posts.

Mantra is available to you in just $49.

5) Harrington

Harrington is a simple, beautiful and highly responsible theme with an incredible mobile navigation bar included to give a better platform to your users. Also, it includes the gallery options and a visual editor to tailor it as you desire.

It is available to you free of cost but in case you need some more advanced features like extensive documentation, automatic updates, styling options and more then you can avail its premium version that's cost you $59.


WordPress offers more than 46,526 plugins that can be used in any Theme but make sure that you don't use those plugins that conflict with one another and keep the used ones upgraded. It'll help you enhancing the performance of your website. Also, remove those plugins that are outdated and you no longer use on your WP site. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Good And Bad Of Both WP Themes, Paid And Free!

With more than 22.3 billion monthly page views, WordPress is one of the most versatile CMSs that people use to get their business to an online platform. It's popular because of the advantages comes along free signing up with WordPress. You get thousands of free and premium Themes and Plug-ins to build your website. 

As there are various free and premium themes offered by WordPress, it gets a little laborious to pick up a theme which is a best-fit and supports all features of a robust website. You can choose any theme but make sure to follow WordPress theme development process with the help of plug-ins to create a more appealing website. One should know the difference between a premium and a free WordPress theme because it's not necessary that premium one will always be better than the free one.

Let's go through the below to know what would be more beneficial, a premium theme or a free theme:

Premium Themes -The Good
  • All the premium themes come with supporting features like the forums and emails that are very useful for the new entrants of low-skills.
  • Most of the premium themes have better quality than their free counterparts.
  • WordPress theme development is a built-in feature in paid themes as their design aspects are of high quality and good standards.
  • Security is a priority with premium themes.
  • With paid themes, it's the responsibility of the framework company to keep updating the themes with relevant plug-ins and bug-fixes. You keep getting the updated version to be in online trend.
  • Paid themes offer immaculate coding which is highly mandatory for SEO optimization.

Free Themes – The Good
  • All the free themes support more plug-ins than the premium themes available in the WordPress database.
  • The free themes are totally free which makes them more convenient for people to use them as not everyone is ready to spend money on a start-up.
  • Various free themes offer same functionality and features as of a premium theme. You just need to filter better your choice of themes.
  • You don't have to go to a third-party website to download a theme for your site. A rich-featured theme could be easy to find in WordPress database.
  • Selecting a theme from WordPress repository for your website is recommendable as most of them have undergone a review process. Accordingly, you can choose.

Premium Themes – The Bad
  • Premium themes could be a high cost and yet still require further licensing fees in years to come. So, if you are offering only a few bucks out of your online brand, it'll be difficult for you to cut out few share every year and give it for licensing.
  • These themes don't go under any official review process. All you have is the views of other users which could be wrong at times.
  • A primary concern in choosing a premium WP theme is the fear of permanent disconnection of your theme. Yes, it can happen if your provider chooses to discontinue his product.

Free Themes – The Bad
  • They contain security vulnerabilities which could mean one day you'll wake up with a hacked website.
  • Updating free themes is quite a concern as it's most important to be in the competition. Sometimes, it takes more than a year to get an update of a free theme.
  • For support, you'll only have WordPress.org or theme user forums that are not good platforms to deal with the minute problems.

Free or Paid, both the themes have their concerns and advantages but selecting any of the themes would require a professional developer to make your website more engaging, user-friendly and feature-rich.