Friday, 27 January 2017

How you can get a fully optimized website for your firm?

WordPress is one of the leading open-source CMS systems that offers great solutions which assist in building an excellent website as per your business needs. It's a free tool or platform which you can download and run on any operating system and web server. Earlier WP was just a blogging platform but recently it was transformed into a full-fledged content management system which is capable of supporting any internet site.

Because of all the above mentioned reasons, selective elements & usefulness, WordPress web development has gained immense popularity in the web sphere. WordPress's adaptability, 24/7 support and WordPress theme development has made this platform even better. WordPress serves as a perfect option for the development of custom web solutions. To get your hands on a feature-rich website you need to hire someone who has in-depth knowledge of the WP development process.

Make sure you hire a proficient developer as they use latest techniques and tools for the development of interactive designs and themes that assist in expanding the brand awareness in this dynamic online marketplace. WP offers an extensive variety of components and if you use them properly then it will surely help you in establishing your business on the web. These customized designs & templates will also empower entrepreneurs to make changes in the textual styles, logos, fonts, etc.

Different advantages of WordPress : 

Affordable : As WordPress is an open-source tech so you don't have to spend much during the WordPress website development process. Moreover, the plugins, themes and extensions in the WP directory are available at very low prices.

Easy to manage :
Compared to other web development platforms, WordPress is quite easy to manage. Even a person with no technical knowledge can manage his/her website in an efficient manner.

Simple Accessibility :
You don't have to carry any heavy files to access or to manage your site. Just log onto the WP's official site and you can check your site anytime and anywhere.

Security :
WordPress is one of the safest CMS systems in the web market. The developers at WP roll out regular security updates and patches which keep all the blogs and websites safe from spam and hack attempts.

Quick installation :
You can install WP on any computer, web server or website. Just execute the setup file and within few minutes you will be able to use the WP software. There's an instruction manual which you can refer in case of any issue during installation.

SEO-friendly portals :
To rank your site higher on search engines, you have to make it compatible with different search engines. WP comes pre-loaded with several SEO functionalities which will automatically make your portal SEO-friendly.


In this article, you will read about some significant features of WordPress CMS system. Make sure that you hire someone who has a good amount of experience in handling WP development projects. You can also take help of the internet in locating the best developer for your website.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Introducing Google Translate To A WordPress Website

The best way to ensure that a WordPress site reach the international audience is by adding the Google translate widget. According to the Google Analytics, if a website is able to address people from different parts of the world (with different native languages), the website gets good SEO rankings.

Google Translate quickly translates the content of a WordPress website into the languages of choice of the visitor. This helps a business to reach out the entire world in their native language. The widget allows the WordPress developer as well as the website visitors to translate the content of the website into more than hundred different native languages. This simply means an easy flow of communication among a brand and the audience.

Installing the Google translate widget on a WordPress website is quite easy. Once installed, it can be used immediately.

To add the widget precisely, follow these simple steps mentioned below:
  • To begin with, log on to the WordPress website as an admin.
  • From the dashboard dropdown menu, click on the “My Site” option.
  • You will now see various options to configure the WordPress website. Here, click on the “Customize” option.
  • A new list of options will show up. Choose the “Widgets”  option from this menu and click on the  “Select Language” menu in a dropdown box.
  • Click and select the preferred language.

Because of the flourishing global market in which the WordPress usage spreads across, Google translate is becoming quite popular among the WordPress developer and the website admins. The ease of usage this widget enables in the website is becoming a major source of boosting the organic traffic on a website.

A widget which is free, and adds to the user experience tremendously definitely becomes a must have on a website. Google Translate is an amazing tool which integrates seamlessly with the WordPress website and enhance its popularity.

Google translation enables a time efficient way of translating a word, phrase or an entire paragraph within one second. The feature is highly responsive and has become quite comprehensive. Google translate covers 137+ major languages of the world.

Another important aspect in favor of the Google translate is the fact that it is free. It can be installed and used with WordPress without paying any fee for installation or any royalty fee. Moreover, when the visitors access the website on their mobile devices, they will get an option to hear the pronunciation of the translated word. This boosts up the user experience and the website becomes more engaging.

Monday, 16 January 2017

WordPress + SEO: A perfect formula for business growth

Seeing at the present market conditions, business firms are trying their best to reach out to their potential clients and customers. Today every company is going online, because of which its has become essential to establish a good web presence so that customers can easily get attracted towards the products and services offered by your firm. To boost your online marketing process, it will be good if you come up with effective and efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategies.

In case your website is based on WordPress then you don't have to do much to boost your SEO. With the help of a skilled & experienced WordPress developer, you can keep pace with all the latest trends surfacing in the web industry. To pitch global customers it's crucial to create a credible and effective online presence. With a WordPress based site, you can compete with all big players of the market. The WP CMS software serves as a good option for a business of all sizes. Thanks to WP's simple interface even a non-techie can develop a fully-functional site for his business setup.

Well, the primary reason behind the immense popularity of WordPress is its open-source feature which makes it stand apart from rest of the CMS system available in the web world. Being a highly-advanced open-source tool, WordPress users can boost their portal's SEO without doing much. The WP directory is full of great SEO plugins that come in handy in this process. Moreover, WordPress uses PHP for its core codes which are SEO compatible right out of the box.

Due to PHP scripts working in the backend, WordPress platform seems to be a very agreeable with search engines so deploying this CMS system for your online business could be very helpful for bringing organic traffic towards your site and converting them into sales. It will be good if you offer your visitors an easy to navigate the site so that quickly locate the desired product and make a purchase. Moreover, user-friendly sites are placed on the top positions in search engine results.

If you are planning to build an eCommerce site using WordPress then you can also integrate a blog which will help you attract more people. The blog integration is not only simple but also cost-effective. The whole WP development process is quite affordable and that's the reason firms of all sizes are choosing this platform for the web development. Those who understand the importance of SEO, they know there is no better CMS system than WordPress.

Another good thing about WordPress is its customisation solutions. As every entrepreneur has its requirements, it's good to opt for these tailor-made options. Easy customisation is the main beauty of open-source techs. You can keep tweaking WP's settings in WordPress until they don't meet your requirements. WordPress is a scalable platform and every day new plugins, tools, themes, templates are added in its directory which keeps this CMS system live & running.

Along with that, WordPress is backed up by a huge community of experienced developers and active users which offer new tools that can be implemented to help with SEO, anti-spam, social marketing, and more.

Monday, 9 January 2017

What is WordPress JSON REST API?

Well, you cannot deny the fact that the WordPress is one of the most powerful and easiest blogging & website creation platform available in the market. WordPress offers a simple and easy to use interface which caters equally to developers as well as to the non-developers. While developers create a major chunk of users and most of the non-developers are generally the users who own a WP-based site or blog.

These non-techies basically use the existing theme and plugins to power their sites. And in case they are not able to do it on their own, they hire WordPress developer and appoint him them for their web or blog development project. Moreover, people with non-technical background usually have little or no knowledge about the WordPress codes, themes or plugins.

To cater the needs of the growing WP developer community and the regular users, WordPress came up with the all new API called WordPress JSON REST API which actually helps in bridging the gap between the developers and common users when it comes to having a complete understanding of the principles & idea of the WordPress ecosystem. 

Since last year, the release of this API has created a lot of buzz in the web development market but still there are a good amount of users who are still unaware of what WordPress JSON REST API is all about. This blog is aimed at the users who are not aware of the WordPress JSON REST API and all the other developer terms & lingos. Through this blog, users will get to know how they can be benefited by this universal API & what the future of WP looks like with WP JSON API in the picture.

What is REST API?

REST is the abbreviation of Representational State Transfer. It is a light and easy way of communicating with the producer ( e.g. Twitter) and the consumer (e.g. Twitter client). This of the way of communicating consumes very less bandwidth which makes it a great solution for the sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress as they receive a high volume of web traffic.

What is WordPress JSON REST API?

JSON is the short form of JavaScript Object Notation. It is a lightweight data exchange program based on the scripting code name JavaScript. The primary reason behind its popularity is that it's easy to read, write & understand and equally compatible with machines and allows them to parse & generate. In short, JSON is a win-win solution that's why it makes it great fit for creating REST API. And in the case of WordPress, it is known as the WP JSON API.

Hence, in the simple words, you can say that WordPress JSON REST API is the right tool which will help developers and users in sharing data from their WP sites to other sites & apps. Along with that WP, JSON REST API enables users to Create, Read, Update & Delete their WordPress content which includes things like posts, pages, media, comments and users.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Choosing A WordPress Theme: Free Vs Custom

Once you install the WordPress CMS, the website comes pre-wrapped in a default theme. Plus, you get 2 to 3 standard themes as an option to choose from. These are the default themes which WordPress offers you to use for your blog or website.

A theme is the major aspect which controls the appearance of a website. And with the advancements in WordPress theme development, we can now see some amazing website on the web. In other words, it is the theme of the website which gives a unique factor to a brand and helps in making a mark on the viewers.

A free WordPress theme provides you with limited options to customize the layout. In case the customization is a major one, it comes at a price. Free WordPress themes are not versed to meet specific requirements of any business. This is where a custom theme comes into play. They are designed to cater all the needs and can be modified in future.

If you have a past experience with a free WordPress theme, you certainly know that it is a hefty task to modify it. You would need knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP etc. to make simplest of changes in the theme. Custom WordPress themes are designed in a way to offer a simple management regime. Mos of the features can be edited within two clicks, or they come with drag-&-drop function.

A custom WordPress theme is one of the major tools that can help your blog to stand out from the crowd. A free theme is often used by a lot of websites and blogs, killing its unique factor. On the other hand, a custom theme gives your brand an instant recognition. Your website makes a mark on the visitors as it does not resemble any other website.

Free themes are known to have a bad reputation from vintage WordPress users. This is due to the common malware incidents these themes face. Moreover, the free themes are often not updated by their developers, the putting a compromise on the security of the website. Using a free WordPress theme makes your business and its crucial data prone to hacking and crash. Most of the times, these themes are written for a certain version of WordPress. When WordPress gets an upgrade, the current theme may no longer be supported, leaving you with no other option but installing a new one.

Overall costs for a custom WordPress themes features a customer support service from the vendor. This is one of the specific reasons why many entrepreneurs prefer a custom theme over the freebies. These themes will help you save a lot of time as well money whenever a little bit of tweaking is required. This helps the website admins to keep their sites up-to-date and perform efficiently at all times.