Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why WordPress is doubling down the HTTPS?

To enhance the development process, WordPress recently announced that they will be introducing some new features in the first quarter of the year 2017. The first thing they will change is that WP will not be supporting hosting partners who are not offering SSL certificate by default to all the accounts. WordPress said this change will be made in early 2017.

By making SSL certificate a priority the Wordpress developer will be able to make the sites more safe and secure. The company will further assess that which sites would be benefited most from the SSL certificate. Along with that, WP is also considering the authentication of API. This move by WP will surely push forward to an encrypted internet which will be free of phishing and hack attempts.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is basically a link between the internet browsers and the server which is encrypted. After some recent changes in the modern web browsers and the success of projects like “Let's Encrypt” have made getting an SSL certificate easy & quick. With SSL certification you can make your portal secure and will be able to keep all the personal & financial information of the visitors private.

It will be good that you should hire the best Wordpress web development firm for your WP development projects. The primary reason for hiring experts is that they know in and out of the whole development process because of which they are able to offer excellent services to their clients. Google also weighs SSL as a search engine ranking factor and soon they will begin flagging unencrypted sites in Chrome.

Well, there is no doubt that soon WordPress sites on HTTPS will soon increase. Back in 2014, tech giant Google also said that soon SSL certification would become a necessity in the future. From the past couple of years, several concerned site owners are shifting to HTTPS as it helps in boosting the search engine optimization process and also allows search engine bots to quickly index the site in a better manner.

Today HTTPS has grown to become a trust factor for users and is also signalling them that the portal which they are surfing really cares about their privacy. Whether it's the ranking factor or a trust factor, millions of site have started migrating to HTTPS. Earlier moving to HTTPS used to be an expensive and highly complicated process as there were only a few webmasters in the industry who were capable of pulling this job.

But if you develop a site using WordPress then you can quickly shift to HTTPS site that too in a hassle-free way. WP offers fast and free HTTPS certificate for your site. Apart from SSL, WordPress will also adopt PHP7 and will also make sure that the hosts should also start using PHP7 by default for the new accounts next year as well.


In this article, you will be reading about some major updates from the WordPress CMS System. Make sure you hire professionals for your web development projects.