Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why WordPress is good option for marketing business blog

If you are planning to deploy blog as one of your strategies for your Network Marketing Business then it will be good if you choose as one of the platforms to support your blog. Well, a blog is just like a website, except it's much easier to create and update compared to the ordinary site. Creating a web page with the help of WP is as simple as writing an article in Microsoft Word.

Well, there are two main kinds of platforms for creating a blog:

1) The first one is "Server Side Web Based" application which is completely controlled and managed by the web host, WordPress developer and user. It is essential to have such sort of blog if you are engaged in online business because it will become your asset and can't be taken away from you. Whereas web-based apps can be taken down without any warning and the worst part is once it's removed you won't be getting it back again.

2) The second is the “Web-based Application” which is controlled by the web hosting community. Blogger,, Wetpaint, Mindsay are some of the examples of this type.

In this article, you will read about why is a suitable option for blog development. There are several reasons to develop a blog, but in this article, you will come across one such particular reason i.e The Search Engines love WordPress based blogs.

With just little bit knowledge of keywords and search engine optimization, a user can quickly get his/her blog listed on the top positions of search engine results. To get a Google Index for your new WordPress blog you need to submit your blog's RSS feed to some popular search engines.

Once you are done creating your blog & writing your blog post:
  • Type the URL of your blog in Web Browser's Address Bar.
  • Once your blog is uploaded, look at the right side where your URL is typed and you will see a little orange box.
  • Just click on the orange box & your web browser will open up the RSS feed for your blog. The text displayed will be a bit different but the search engines can interpret what's written for the RSS feed.
  • Copy that RSS Feed URL and Paste it into Notepad or your favorite Text Editor.
  • Now open the new tab, enter and submit your blog's RSS Feed URL.
After submitting your feed as described above, look into Google's Index to see if your blog is listed or not. To find your blog on Google: Go to the Google Search Engine at and in the Search Box, type the following: (replace with the URL of your blog)

Summing Up

In this article, you read one strong reason why you should choose WordPress for your Network Business Marketing blog. In case you don't have much technical knowledge then it will be good to hire an expert who knows in and out of the blog development process and helps you setup the desired blog.