Friday, 28 April 2017

Top 5 Plugins For WordPress Based E-Commerce Stores

E-Commerce plugins are the must-have tools if you wish to sell products online without any glitches. There are many ways in which can sell products and services from your website. One of the reliable and highly profitable way is to integrate a WordPress plugin and sell with ease.

Given the never-ending, list of features these plugins come loaded with, it has become important that the WordPress eCommerce website development should feature these plugins. And when it comes to picking the best WordPress E-Commerce plugin, here is a list that will come handy.

1) WP e-commerce

This plugin has been used by many WordPress users since it has many custom features. Although a free plugin, it has some amazing features which are not available even in some of the paid plugins. because it has many different features and is free. The list of payment solutions available with the plugin are:
  • Checks
  • Money orders
  • Pay Pal Payment Standard
  • Pay Pal Payment Pro
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
  • Google Checkout

2)  Shopp

Shopp is a paid plugin. In the beginner level, you get a license for the software. You can also use many other plugins and integrate them with each other and enhance the overall functionality. These plugins feature options for adding different payment gateways, shipping modules, or a support session in the E-Commerce store.

Since the plugin comes with a detailed documentation, the installation process and the usage of the plugin is quite elementary. There are many interesting and unique features associated with Shopp, such as the ability to customize the carts. This along with many others is the reason why Shopp makes it to the list of the premium and reliable plugins for WordPress based eCommerce websites available in the market today.

3) Shopify

Shopify is a popular E-Commerce plugin for WordPress and is highly recommended by the webmasters. This is one of the go-to plugins which the E-Commerce store owners use when all other plugins fail to perform as desired. Shopify is very easy to install, and customizable to the granular level. The users of the plugin often get addicted to the simple management and robust features of the plugin, making it a remarkable tool.

4) PHPurchase

The PHPurchase plugin comes in two versions, the Standard and the Pro version. The plugin has many exclusive features, which are easy to customize as well. The list of payment gateways which can be used with the PHPurchase plugin are:
  • Pay Pal Website Payments Standard
  • Pay Pal Website Payments Professional
  • Pay Pal Express Checkout
  • eProcessing Network
  • Chase Paymentech
  • Quantum Gateway

5)  EShop

This is one of the noteworthy free plugin for WordPress. It is highly preferred as a robust e-cart. The plugin is fairly easy to install and you can instantly add, review and check the stats of the products within a few mouse clicks. You can also customize EShop to the core as per your needs and create an amazing appearance. Although the plugin comes integrated with only PayPal or Payson, but if you are using any of these gateways, it is not much of a drawback.


The plugins mentioned above are easy to install in your E-Commerce site. Since each plugin has a different role to play, you must pick the one that serves the purpose of your website. However, if your business sells thousands of products online, you should opt for a custom plugin development from a reputed service provider.