Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cash in PokemonGo's Popularity to Market your Business

Pokémon GO happens to be one of the most attractive real-time, augmented reality adventure game which is liked by the audiences. It has broken the record of 15 million download in just a few countable days. The business owners can even use this excellent application to market their products as the application uses WP Google Maps. It is quite an incredible way to develop your Pokémon GO map helping local shop owners and PokeStops to locate them in the app. 

Though we know that when it comes to the web we have important task such as HTML To WordPress conversion that requires your due attention, which is certainly not the sufficient condition as they need you to go an extra mile a market your app.   

You might be wondering about what all steps are required to create a Pokemon Go Map; then these are the following steps that can help you to do so:

Step 1:

The first step is to download as well as activate WP Google Maps for your WordPress site.

Step 2:

Then you need to buy and activate WP Google Maps Pro. This will help you to add categories, directions, markers, marker listings and several other incredible features.

Step 3:

(This is only for users in order to add their gyms or other Pokestops into your map) For this you need to purchase as well as activate your additional plugin for WP Google Maps Visitor Generated Markers. This is a great step for website visitors in order to add your markers into your map.

Step 4:

It allows us to create their own Pokemon Go Map by making use of the plugin. So, as to make your map appear as a part, then you need to click the Themes tab present within the map editor and from there get down to the Map theme of the PokemonGO.

Step 5:

Then you need to go down to the Maps -> Categories and then create categories that can mark the gyms and PokeStops. This further allows you to assign custom icons to each of the category. Then you need to move to the Map Editor and incorporate the PokeStops as well as Gyms using different marker icons.

Step 6 (optional):

The last step is to add the shortcode in your page and then publish it. Mission accomplished!

How can business owners take leverage from Pokemon Go?

It been only few days and business owners have come up with incredible ideas to take advantage of PokemonGo such as the L’inizio Pizza Bar, Manhattan-based store have created Pokémon-themed pizzas. All they have done is an investment of $10 to create a lure modules, and this accounted for a 30 percent increase in the sales of their food and drinks. Apart from this, we have an indie clothing store that has started a lure people inside using a visible sign as well as catchy art. Another business owner that has used this is the Kaleidoscope Café in Lawrenceville that started offering a 10 percent discount to those who depicted their app.

Apart from this, we have other business owners such as  Botanical Garden and Dallas Arboretum   that recognises its grounds which are great PokéStops that are attracting users. This is A Grind in California that was playing it quite an aggressive instance, that offers a fresh lure for purchasing 15 drinks.