Friday, 22 July 2016

A WordPress Platform can even vex the Users. Here's how?

WordPress is considered as a simple to buy a platform. All that one can do is to create a profile and get started. Regardless of endless opportunities of various web development platforms on the internet, WordPress is considered as exceptionally uncommon on the internet. It is fabricated with many plugins and themes which help to meet palatable results. It has powered over 25% of the world’s ten million largest websites and 59% of all websites using a CMS.

Although WordPress website development is easy, it has many shortcomings. Some are vexatious and may give an adverse effect on its users. Here is a list of shortcomings of WordPress platform:

1. Change the username and Password

WordPress website owner needs to change the initial WordPress username and password which is "Admin" as the account can be hacked very easily. The major issue here is that once the account is active, the website owner may face many hurdles in changing the username. This at times annoying. You can modify the username using the phpMyAdmin folder or by using a WordPress plugin.

2. Setting WordPress backup

WordPress is poor in the backup system. It does not have any strong backup system. The website owner have to either install different backup plugins or have to create a create a backup manually. It is very significant to maintain a backup of your WordPress website. A backup saves all your work in case of emergency of website hack. 

3. Solving Login Problems

If you forget your WordPress username or password, you might not be able to recover it and may lock you to use WP Admin account. Or sometimes, you might not be able to login into your WP account because your website is hacked.  And this can be only resolved by phpMyAdmin.

4. Getting Rid of Blank White Screen
It is a general problem that every WordPress website owner faces after installing new themes and plugins. A black and white screen may come to you, and you are unable to login to your WP-Admin. You can solve this problem with the help of FTP. At the time of troubleshooting, you may have to deactivate and activate the plugins. Now in the WP-Content folder, there will be a folder with the name Plugin, where you have to rename the folder. Then, log in to WP-Admin and change the folder name again to Plugins.

5. Frequent WordPress Plugin and Theme Updates

WordPress sends its updates regularly and to prevent its website from hacking one needs to update it repeatedly. To come out of this issue, the WordPress developer can also install the plugins for automatic updates. To do it, you have to add “add_filter( 'auto_update_plugin', '__return_true' );” this code to the functions.php file of your theme. You may also select good quality themes to meet your requirement.

6. Removal of Uncategorized category

When you are looking forward to publishing any post and forgets to categorise it. The post automatically saves into a category named “Uncategorized”. To overcome this problem either rename the uncategorized folder or put the existing category into default category.

To set up the category, you will have to follow these steps:

Settings> Select writing and change the category. 

So, these were few important glitches behind WordPress, which might frustrate its users. I hope you understood and try to overcome them for easy WordPress experience.