Thursday, 16 March 2017

Understanding The Basics Of WordPress Permalinks

The WordPress content management system is dominating the web sphere ever since it came into existence. The platform features in-built SEO compatible tools for enabling a website rank higher in search engine rankings. Besides enhancing the visibility, WordPress is beefed up with all the advanced tools for making an updated website.

While working with WordPress, it is important to know that the default permalink structure tags are not precise enough and may have a negative impact on your website rankings. You may hire WordPress developer to generate SEO friendly permalinks as these are what the visitors type in the search bar to reach your website.

The search engine gives preference to those WordPress websites which use SEO optimized peramlink structures for names, date, etc. Depending upon the need, you can make any kinds of changes in the permalinks, which will also change the URL of the concerned blog or article.

Along with the default permalink structure, all the other permalink structures are SEO optimized and help in indexing the website on top of the search results. For letting the webmasters make the most out if these permalink structures, WordPress allows the usage of at least 10 permalink tags. Among these, 5 of the highly used and popular tags are:

Post Name

This is one of the highly used permalink structures tags used by WordPress site admins. The post name permalink will help you in creating URLs which are short and easy to remember.

Day And Name

The day and name permalink structure is ideal for a WordPress website which updates it content multiple times a day, such as an E-Commerce website. Using day and name tags makes it easier to find out the date on which a particular content was published.

Category And Name

If your WordPress website is loaded with information and content, it is always advised to make a hierarchical structure which can display the content of your WordPress website. This will help your visitors know about the certain category they are on. By using it in the permalink structure, you will be able to add the maximum keywords into your URL. So, it becomes one of the preferred permalink structure for getting the website indexed.

Month And Name

This is among the popular options for permalinks used by professional WordPress webmasters. Like the day structure tags, you can use the month and name permalinks to create URLs containing relatively shorter characters.

Custom Structure

If you want to add a permalink structure of your choice, you can add it in this option. For example,


The WordPress permalink structure is the URL of a website which is used by the visitors to access the posts and other web pages. The permalinks should always be SEO friendly, which can help a website rank higher in its category.