Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Renovate Your Website With PSD To WordPress Conversion

It’s not been that long since WordPress was introduced in 2003. Though, the platform gained immense popularity really quickly. The reason was simple - no other platform could offer such amazing plugins and extension to make a website. Also, the functioning of WordPress was super easy and easily understood by non-techs in the field. But for someone who has the design ready in PSD format needs the help of a professional to convert the file into WordPress.

The PSD to WordPress theme conversion is important because PSD format files are not possible to access over the web. In this case, WordPress becomes a highly efficient platform to go for.

Being responsive and flexible is also a highlighted feature of this platform. Where in a time only professional designers and developers could prepare a website for you, WordPress gave you the option to do it all yourself. Not everyone is familiar with the design language and here is when WordPress came as a blessing for business owners and entrepreneurs.

How to convert a PSD files to WordPress?

1. Organize

PSD files are widely used as they maintain the transparency of work and the conversion results are better. To organize these PSD files is the first step taken by a professional web developer.

2. Slicing and Coding

The PSD file needs to be divided into different layers. The step is called Slicing the files. From images to menu tab, multiple images are sliced before the coder starts working on the HTML for the website. For an effective WordPress conversion, this is done for every web page on the website.

3. Extras and Debugging

By collecting all the CSS, template and program function files in one folder, the programmer checks for errors and other function. This is the testing phase of the website where each and every function is analyzed thoroughly and debugged. The compatibility and performance of the website are also the websites is also tested and changes are made in the HTML file.

If you are skeptical about the WordPress conversion and want to know why this conversion is best for your website, read on:
  • WordPress conversion makes your website responsive and visually appealing from all measures.
  • Targets a wide audience and results in better conversions for your business.
  • The transition by PSD to HTML looks better and results in pixel perfect design for your WordPress website.
  • WordPress website has better compatibility with cross browsers.
  • WordPress themes converted from PSD files perform better in Search Engines and have better conversions rather than an ordinary theme website.
  • PSD to WordPress conversion done by professional guarantees your support 24X7 as it is hand coded. This is very useful if you are a non-programmer.


A web support by a professional is very important for a non-programmer. The unusual behavior of your website can have a direct impact on the business and sales. If you don’t want to miss on that and lose money, always ask for PSD to WordPress conversion by experts.