Thursday, 14 July 2016

Handy Tips for PSD to WordPress eCommerce Conversion

We are well aware of the fact that  WordPress is  not dedicated for creating e-commerce websites, its has features such as search engine optimization code and layout, secure design, tools for building user-friendly websites, ample lot of  plugins as well as themes, and updating the WordPress platform, are incredible reasons due to which WordPress can said to be quite an essential CMS that helps in creating websites. 

Along with this WordPress has is very popular and offers quite an incredible community that supports you,  plus you get to create user-friendly customization which is making it easy for the designers as well as developers to convert optimal PSD to WordPress websites.

You need to create a WordPress e-commerce website to create a custom design which is not a very difficult a process for those who are well aware of the features of WordPress, such as plugins, features, themes, as well as CSS. 

Here I have shared some tricks, tips, and resources that one can use so as to create a WordPress e-commerce website.

Responsive e-commerce website

As we know that the growing Smartphone as well as mobile device market, we can see that there are very less people who are making use of small screen devices to access Internet.

Those who wish to have a flourishing e-commerce website need to have quite an advisable so as to make it compatible using all types of screens that allows you to view optimally using all type of mobile device.

A responsive layout is quite easy to make your website work easily on all kind of screens so as to make sure the website has an optimally displayed on devices of all types. To make a responsive website, one can make use of several ways.

Use Child Theme

WordPress is quite an updated platform. This is important because with each passing year it is creating new standard of web technology and with each passing year people get to discover a loophole in the security of the software.

Therefore for a WordPress e-commerce website, it is quite important for you to update the status of your website to ensure the security of the website.  Apart from being up-to-date, the latest web standards offer benefits to improve the search engines.

A major problem with WordPress themes is that one needs to update them more often to match the latest standards to ensure compatibility using the current WordPress software. However, this is quite a difficult process for not only the developers but also non-technical users.

Pre-built themes offers quite a comprehensive developer support, for instance, the default Responsive and WordPress themes, that one can regularly update as per WordPress software, and therefore you need to make sure that whether they are compatible to the updated version of WordPress.

Therefore one of the most incredible solution for creating custom themes is that it gets automatically updated by using child theme using regularly updated or default WordPress themes. These child themes are quite not difficult for those who can easily understand CSS and making of WordPress theme.

Plugins that we have for an e-commerce website

As we know that WordPress was not designed to cater e-commerce business, therefore to make an e-commerce website you might require other additional plugins. Therefore, you need to make sure that you install all kinds of required plugin for your website. We have plugins such as WP E-Commerce, Ready- Ecommerce, Woo-Commerce, Eshop, PayPal Shopping Cart and several others.

Wrapping up!

Developing an incredible WordPress website requires you to possess the knowledge and experience to create better user experience. Moreover, to beat the competition you need to have a deep insight about the market.