Wednesday, 6 July 2016

WordPrax helps us be a customer-centric company

WordPrax team innovation & professional approach assisted us to build WordPress theme & plugin with advanced customized features & high-security controls. We truly appreciate all the untiring efforts put in by WordPrax team to make our project successful and nurtured with great support.

After searching and interacting with so many companies for converting PSD to WordPress theme, Here is why we have built trust on WordPrax.

1. Results that are out of this world

WordPrax has delivered us bug-free work that exceeded our expectation. They've delivered masterful designs and laid the content in a way that has unquestionably attracted many potential users. The increasing number of downloads and a number of visitors itself apparent about their design and accurate delivery. They have clearly demonstrated that they have the technical expertise, experience and high level of customer service.

2. Quick Customer service

We have chosen WordPrax because we needed a solution that would let it bring together of all its support channels and easily scale over the time period. It has also offered us the best cost-effective solution 24x7 with online support thus helping us to be a top notch among other WordPress development companies. I personally love their project management process with weekly deliverables. 

3. Scaling during busy time

WordPrax easily handles the large case of volume each month and has closed more than 50k since it first was established. The company easily ascends to meet demand and works together to assist clients. From the day of execution of our project, till delivery, WordPrax supported us completely and maintained consistency to the quality of the project. It is completely customer-centric company is was the major reason why it has competitive advantages.

All in all, I can say, they are professionals and understand the concept very well. I appreciate for their fast responsiveness and look forward to working with them again in the future once this project.