Friday, 23 September 2016

Maintain your WP site for the smooth functioning of business

The advent of the internet has made this world a global village. It has become easy for any person to gain knowledge of different fields using the internet. The acquisition of merely theoretical knowledge will not help the person in building an efficient blog or website. It will be good that you check out two or three content management systems and choose the best one which suits your requirement. 
WordPress is one of the best and highly reliable CMS system available today. It is widely used by bloggers and website developers to design attractive & feature-rich portals and blogs as per the client's requirements. It is said that almost 70% of websites which are live on the internet are powered by WordPress. The best thing about WP is its WordPress plugin development services which allow users to come up with different plugins for their portal. 
If you want your WP based site to function smoothly, and your visitors have a superior usage experience, then it is quite essential that you maintain your portal on the regular basis. If you are not maintaining your site on regular intervals, then such ignorance will lead to several problems and loose existing & potential customers is one of them. Today there are plenty of unique and feature-rich websites live on the internet so it will be that you maintain & update your website so that your customers don't shift to any other site. 
Besides losing customers, your website will also face issues like poor web traffic, reduction of sales, and much more. If you are not able to maintain your website, then you can hire the services of a reliable WP developer or company which usually have a team of experts who look after all these tasks. 

Through simple Google search, you will be able to quickly locate the best firms that offer affordable web development & maintenance services. WP development services include:
  • Customised Websites that come loaded with spam-free content, HD images & other data.
  • Installation and configuration of the website on a reliable web server
  • Migration of old website on WordPress
  • Complimentary WordPress blog development.
  • Development of customized WP theme, plug-ins or modules that will improve sites functionalities.
  • Functionality extension by adding things like an event calendar, video gallery, slideshows, etc.
  • Maintaining a balance between server run & load time during heavy web traffic.
  • A presentable website with a professional touch.
  • Pocket-friendly solutions.
  • Tried and tested methodology
  • Informative and spam-free content.
  • Unleashing the actual business values.
  • Mobile-friendly website development
Once the website is launched now, it's time to maintain and upgrade it as per the latest standards. Almost all the WP development companies also offer comprehensive WordPress support services at the same price. 

The support services usually consists of a package deal which includes:
  • Regular updations of your site to keep it safe from hackers.
  • Complete back-up of the website so that you can reuse the data in case of any database crash.
  • Reducing the risk of losing data and data base corruption by deploying efficient database management strategies.
  • Regular monitoring of the website
  • Deploying effective measures to keep your portal secure from malicious attacks & spyware
  • Regular Performance scans
  • Proper E-mail support
  • Monthly report of the site's performance
  • Spam and revisions cleanup
  • Manual updates (only if the automatic update fails)
  • Check for hidden admin accounts
  • Survey of login limits to restrict unauthorized logins
  • Check for unwanted files, disabled plugins and themes
  • Migration of the website to a new host
This article consists of few services that you will get from a WP developer and maintenance service provider. To keep your website function smooth it will be good that you get your site updated on the regular basis that too by professionals.