Monday, 5 September 2016

The Good And Bad Of Both WP Themes, Paid And Free!

With more than 22.3 billion monthly page views, WordPress is one of the most versatile CMSs that people use to get their business to an online platform. It's popular because of the advantages comes along free signing up with WordPress. You get thousands of free and premium Themes and Plug-ins to build your website. 

As there are various free and premium themes offered by WordPress, it gets a little laborious to pick up a theme which is a best-fit and supports all features of a robust website. You can choose any theme but make sure to follow WordPress theme development process with the help of plug-ins to create a more appealing website. One should know the difference between a premium and a free WordPress theme because it's not necessary that premium one will always be better than the free one.

Let's go through the below to know what would be more beneficial, a premium theme or a free theme:

Premium Themes -The Good
  • All the premium themes come with supporting features like the forums and emails that are very useful for the new entrants of low-skills.
  • Most of the premium themes have better quality than their free counterparts.
  • WordPress theme development is a built-in feature in paid themes as their design aspects are of high quality and good standards.
  • Security is a priority with premium themes.
  • With paid themes, it's the responsibility of the framework company to keep updating the themes with relevant plug-ins and bug-fixes. You keep getting the updated version to be in online trend.
  • Paid themes offer immaculate coding which is highly mandatory for SEO optimization.

Free Themes – The Good
  • All the free themes support more plug-ins than the premium themes available in the WordPress database.
  • The free themes are totally free which makes them more convenient for people to use them as not everyone is ready to spend money on a start-up.
  • Various free themes offer same functionality and features as of a premium theme. You just need to filter better your choice of themes.
  • You don't have to go to a third-party website to download a theme for your site. A rich-featured theme could be easy to find in WordPress database.
  • Selecting a theme from WordPress repository for your website is recommendable as most of them have undergone a review process. Accordingly, you can choose.

Premium Themes – The Bad
  • Premium themes could be a high cost and yet still require further licensing fees in years to come. So, if you are offering only a few bucks out of your online brand, it'll be difficult for you to cut out few share every year and give it for licensing.
  • These themes don't go under any official review process. All you have is the views of other users which could be wrong at times.
  • A primary concern in choosing a premium WP theme is the fear of permanent disconnection of your theme. Yes, it can happen if your provider chooses to discontinue his product.

Free Themes – The Bad
  • They contain security vulnerabilities which could mean one day you'll wake up with a hacked website.
  • Updating free themes is quite a concern as it's most important to be in the competition. Sometimes, it takes more than a year to get an update of a free theme.
  • For support, you'll only have or theme user forums that are not good platforms to deal with the minute problems.

Free or Paid, both the themes have their concerns and advantages but selecting any of the themes would require a professional developer to make your website more engaging, user-friendly and feature-rich.