Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Things to consider while opting for HTML to PSD conversion

The best way to give a new outlook to your dull and static HTML based website is by shifting it to WordPress. In this highly competitive & dynamic marketplace, it has become essential to have user-friendly & easy to manage website. With WordPress, you will be able to enjoy unlimited possibilities and will have access to the world's best web development platforms. 

WordPress comes loaded with many tools which are helpful for creating, editing & managing all the posts, comments, pages, categories, images and tags that you will add to your portal. Importing the static HTML to WordPress has proven to be very fruitful for the site owners. This conversion process has also led to the rise in demand for web developers. By converting your old, dull & boring HTML based site to WordPress, you will give your customers a better portal to browse through.     

In this article, you will read three different options that you can choose before converting your HTML site into WordPress:

1. A complete re-design of your static HTML website (including content)

As per this option, you can give your website a complete makeover which includes content too. You can get your portal re-designed from scratch, add new content, dynamic templates & plugins and give your static HTML based site a new outlook. In this, you can opt for moving all your web pages to the WordPress theme or template. Given below is the list of things that you will witness after opting for this option.
  • Better website navigation
  • Proper positioning of re-directs that will make your site bug-free & will help your site function in better manner
  • Proper installation of site on the server
  • Seamless testing of the site on the web server

2. Creating a database only WordPress site

According to this option, you can create a basic WordPress database for your existing HTML-based portal. This simple database will consist of your existing web content and a general website navigation system. You will get a simple looking website that will have basic functionality, just like your old site. Given below are the things that will be covered in this conversion process:
  • Simple compilation of site body content
  • No sidebars and forms
  • The WordPress database will be loaded into site sub-directory
  • Seamless testing of the site on the server
  • Necessary redirects that will lead to error-free site functioning of your site

3. A complete re-design of your HTML site (without content)

In this third option of HTML to WordPress conversion, you can opt for complete makeover your static HTML website without changing the content placed on it. In this process, a new WP theme will be created which will match the look and feel your current HTML site. Given below are the features you can enjoy by opting for this option:
  • Improved site navigation
  • Addition of re-directs essential for the hassle-free website functioning
  • Proper merging of graphics & various other designs contained within the web pages
  • Bloat-free handling of various of web forms
  • Error-free handling of dynamic content placed on the website


The above-written three options will help you in converting your simple & static HTML based site into an appealing and user-friendly portal which will surely help you connect with new clients & customers.