Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Choosing A WordPress Theme: Free Vs Custom

Once you install the WordPress CMS, the website comes pre-wrapped in a default theme. Plus, you get 2 to 3 standard themes as an option to choose from. These are the default themes which WordPress offers you to use for your blog or website.

A theme is the major aspect which controls the appearance of a website. And with the advancements in WordPress theme development, we can now see some amazing website on the web. In other words, it is the theme of the website which gives a unique factor to a brand and helps in making a mark on the viewers.

A free WordPress theme provides you with limited options to customize the layout. In case the customization is a major one, it comes at a price. Free WordPress themes are not versed to meet specific requirements of any business. This is where a custom theme comes into play. They are designed to cater all the needs and can be modified in future.

If you have a past experience with a free WordPress theme, you certainly know that it is a hefty task to modify it. You would need knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP etc. to make simplest of changes in the theme. Custom WordPress themes are designed in a way to offer a simple management regime. Mos of the features can be edited within two clicks, or they come with drag-&-drop function.

A custom WordPress theme is one of the major tools that can help your blog to stand out from the crowd. A free theme is often used by a lot of websites and blogs, killing its unique factor. On the other hand, a custom theme gives your brand an instant recognition. Your website makes a mark on the visitors as it does not resemble any other website.

Free themes are known to have a bad reputation from vintage WordPress users. This is due to the common malware incidents these themes face. Moreover, the free themes are often not updated by their developers, the putting a compromise on the security of the website. Using a free WordPress theme makes your business and its crucial data prone to hacking and crash. Most of the times, these themes are written for a certain version of WordPress. When WordPress gets an upgrade, the current theme may no longer be supported, leaving you with no other option but installing a new one.

Overall costs for a custom WordPress themes features a customer support service from the vendor. This is one of the specific reasons why many entrepreneurs prefer a custom theme over the freebies. These themes will help you save a lot of time as well money whenever a little bit of tweaking is required. This helps the website admins to keep their sites up-to-date and perform efficiently at all times.