Monday, 9 January 2017

What is WordPress JSON REST API?

Well, you cannot deny the fact that the WordPress is one of the most powerful and easiest blogging & website creation platform available in the market. WordPress offers a simple and easy to use interface which caters equally to developers as well as to the non-developers. While developers create a major chunk of users and most of the non-developers are generally the users who own a WP-based site or blog.

These non-techies basically use the existing theme and plugins to power their sites. And in case they are not able to do it on their own, they hire WordPress developer and appoint him them for their web or blog development project. Moreover, people with non-technical background usually have little or no knowledge about the WordPress codes, themes or plugins.

To cater the needs of the growing WP developer community and the regular users, WordPress came up with the all new API called WordPress JSON REST API which actually helps in bridging the gap between the developers and common users when it comes to having a complete understanding of the principles & idea of the WordPress ecosystem. 

Since last year, the release of this API has created a lot of buzz in the web development market but still there are a good amount of users who are still unaware of what WordPress JSON REST API is all about. This blog is aimed at the users who are not aware of the WordPress JSON REST API and all the other developer terms & lingos. Through this blog, users will get to know how they can be benefited by this universal API & what the future of WP looks like with WP JSON API in the picture.

What is REST API?

REST is the abbreviation of Representational State Transfer. It is a light and easy way of communicating with the producer ( e.g. Twitter) and the consumer (e.g. Twitter client). This of the way of communicating consumes very less bandwidth which makes it a great solution for the sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter & WordPress as they receive a high volume of web traffic.

What is WordPress JSON REST API?

JSON is the short form of JavaScript Object Notation. It is a lightweight data exchange program based on the scripting code name JavaScript. The primary reason behind its popularity is that it's easy to read, write & understand and equally compatible with machines and allows them to parse & generate. In short, JSON is a win-win solution that's why it makes it great fit for creating REST API. And in the case of WordPress, it is known as the WP JSON API.

Hence, in the simple words, you can say that WordPress JSON REST API is the right tool which will help developers and users in sharing data from their WP sites to other sites & apps. Along with that WP, JSON REST API enables users to Create, Read, Update & Delete their WordPress content which includes things like posts, pages, media, comments and users.