Friday, 20 January 2017

Introducing Google Translate To A WordPress Website

The best way to ensure that a WordPress site reach the international audience is by adding the Google translate widget. According to the Google Analytics, if a website is able to address people from different parts of the world (with different native languages), the website gets good SEO rankings.

Google Translate quickly translates the content of a WordPress website into the languages of choice of the visitor. This helps a business to reach out the entire world in their native language. The widget allows the WordPress developer as well as the website visitors to translate the content of the website into more than hundred different native languages. This simply means an easy flow of communication among a brand and the audience.

Installing the Google translate widget on a WordPress website is quite easy. Once installed, it can be used immediately.

To add the widget precisely, follow these simple steps mentioned below:
  • To begin with, log on to the WordPress website as an admin.
  • From the dashboard dropdown menu, click on the “My Site” option.
  • You will now see various options to configure the WordPress website. Here, click on the “Customize” option.
  • A new list of options will show up. Choose the “Widgets”  option from this menu and click on the  “Select Language” menu in a dropdown box.
  • Click and select the preferred language.

Because of the flourishing global market in which the WordPress usage spreads across, Google translate is becoming quite popular among the WordPress developer and the website admins. The ease of usage this widget enables in the website is becoming a major source of boosting the organic traffic on a website.

A widget which is free, and adds to the user experience tremendously definitely becomes a must have on a website. Google Translate is an amazing tool which integrates seamlessly with the WordPress website and enhance its popularity.

Google translation enables a time efficient way of translating a word, phrase or an entire paragraph within one second. The feature is highly responsive and has become quite comprehensive. Google translate covers 137+ major languages of the world.

Another important aspect in favor of the Google translate is the fact that it is free. It can be installed and used with WordPress without paying any fee for installation or any royalty fee. Moreover, when the visitors access the website on their mobile devices, they will get an option to hear the pronunciation of the translated word. This boosts up the user experience and the website becomes more engaging.